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Band Origin Style CD/
Interv.  Live Specials
Paatos Sweden Prog Rock CD
Pagan Altar Great Britain Occult Rock CD
Pagan's Mind Norway Prog Metal CD
Pain Sweden Electronic Metal live
Jon Oliva's Pain USA Epic Metal CD interview live event
Pain Of Salvation Sweden Prog Metal CD interview live
Pale Forest Norway Gothic / Doom Metal live
Pandaemonium Italy Heavy Metal CD
Pangea Denmark Melodic Metal CD
Panikk Slovenia Thrash Metal CD
Panndora Brazil NWoBHM CD
Pantheon I Norway Black Metal CD interview
Papa Roach USA Nu Metal CD
Papes Brüder Germany Rock CD
Paradise Lost Great Britain Dark Metal CD live
Paradox Germany Thrash Metal CD
Paragon Germany Power Metal CD live
Paralysis Netherlands Thrash Metal CD
Paris France Melodic Rock CD
Parmesan Germany Heavy Rock interview
Parry, Ian Great Britain Melodic Metal CD
Parsons, Alan Great Britain Art Rock CD
Parsons, Matt USA Sympho Blackend Death Metal CD
Pascual, Germán Sweden Power Metal CD
Passenger Sweden Groove Metal CD interview live
Past The Fall Great Britain Neo Thrash CD
Pathfinder Poland Symphonic Power Metal CD interview
Pavlov's Dog USA Folk Prog Rock CD
Pearce, David Mark Great Britain Hard Rock CD interview
Pearl, Jizzy USA Sleazy Hard Rock CD
Pegasus Germany Heavy Metal CD
Pegazus Australia Power Metal CD interview live
Pelagos Finland Moody Post-Industrial Ambient Prog CD
Pell, Axel Rudi Germany / USA Melodic Metal CD live
Pentagram Chile Death Metal CD
Pentagram Turkey Power Metal CD interview
Perfect Crime Norway Hard Rock CD
Perfect Plan Sweden Melodic Rock CD
Perpetual Fire Italy Melodic Power Metal CD
Persefone Andorra Progressive Melodic Death Metal CD interview
Persona Non Grata Greece Progressive Metal CD
Persuader Sweden Power Metal CD interview
Pertness Switzerland Power Metal CD
Perzonal War Germany Power Metal CD
Phantom-X USA US Metal CD
Pharao Germany Heavy Metal CD
Pharaoh USA Power Metal CD interview
Phenomena Great Britain Hard Rock CD
Phobia USA Grindcore CD
Pictures Of Pain Norway Metal CD interview
Piel de Serpiente Spain Hard Rock CD
Pigskin Switzerland Thrash / Deathcore CD
Pimeä Metsä Spain Folk-ish Viking Metal CD
Pink Cream 69 Germany / USA Melodic Metal CD interview live
Pissing Razors USA Groove Metal CD
Pitch Black Records Cyprus Label interview
Pitiful Reign Great Britain Thrash Metal CD
Place Of Skulls USA Stoner Rock CD
Places Of Power USA Hard Rock CD interview
Place Vendome Germany Hard Rock CD interview
Planet X USA Metal Fusion CD interview
Plastic Tears Finland Glam Rock CD
Platitude Sweden Neo-Classical Metal CD live
Player USA Westcoast Rock CD
Plexus Brazil Power Metal CD
P.M.T. Switzerland PsychoCore CD
special tip Poema Arcanus Chile Prog Doom Metal CD interview
Poète Maudit Canada Black Metal CD
special tip Point Of View Poland Prog Metal CD
Poison USA Glam Metal CD
Poison Sun Germany Heavy Metal CD interview
Polak, Milan Austria Guitar Rock CD
Poland, Chris USA Guitar Rock CD
Poley / Rivera USA Hard Rock CD
Poley, Ted USA Hard Rock CD
Polysics Japan J-Rock CD
Positive Strike Germany Hardcore CD
Pospolite Ruszenie Poland Medieval Rock /
Folk Metal
CD interview
Possession Belgium Black Metal CD
Poverty's No Crime Germany Prog Rock CD live
forgotten jewel Power USA Power Metal CD
Powerage Germany Heavy Metal CD
Powergod Germany Power Metal CD live
Power Quest Great Britain Power Metal CD live
Power Theory USA US Metal CD
Powerwolf Germany / Romania Power Metal live
PowerWorld Germany Melodic Power Metal CD interview
Praying Mantis Great Britain Hard Rock CD live
Predator's Rose Denmark Melodic Heavy Metal CD
special tip Presto Ballet USA 70's Prog Rock CD
Preternatural Latvia Melodic Death Metal CD
Pretty Maids Denmark Hard Rock CD interview live
Pride Great Britain Hard Rock CD interview
Pride Sweden AOR CD interview
forgotten jewel Pride & Glory USA Country Metal CD interview
Pride Of Lions USA AOR CD
Primal Fear Germany / Canada Power Metal CD interview live event
Prime Suspect Italy / Germany AOR CD interview
Private Angel Germany Hard Rock CD
Procession Chile Doom Metal CD
Profanatica USA Black Metal CD
Proghma-C Poland Extreme Progressive Metal CD
Project Creation Portugal Prog Rock / Metal CD
Promethium Great Britain Alternative Rock / Metal CD
Prong USA Metal CD live
Pro-Pain USA H8core CD live
Prosanctus Inferi USA Black Metal CD
Prym Hungary Progressive Metal CD
Psycho USA Hardcore CD
Psycho Drama USA Power Metal CD
Psychopunch Sweden Punk'n'Roll CD
Psykosis Ireland Thrash Metal CD
Puddle Of Mudd USA Rock CD
Pulse Great Britain Hard Rock CD
Pump Germany Hard Rock CD
Pure Inc. Switzerland Alternative Metal CD interview live
Pure Reason Revolution Great Britain Electronica Prog CD interview
Pussy Sisster Germany Sleaze Rock CD
Pyramaze Denamrk / USA Power Metal CD
Pyramide Spain Prog Metal CD
Pyrrhon USA Experimental
Death Metal


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