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On disc: Prosanctus Inferi

Pandemic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpitation - Mike Thompson - 7 stars

Pandemic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpitation

Pandemic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpitation
(Hell's Headbangers - 2010)

Pandemic Ululations Of Vesperic Palpitation is Ohio-based black metallers, Prosanctus Inferi's first full-length album showcasing their extremely raw black metal sound.
Apart from the vocals being quite low in the mix I actually quite enjoyed this album. The sound is raw but the production is not extremely bad. The instruments are distinguishable and the songs undeniably heavy with a typical underground black metal feel.
The thing that allows this album to work is probably the short song-length with none of the 13 tracks on offer being over 2:35 in duration (and that being the pointless outro), with most considerably shorter. Whilst normally not a fan of 'over before they start' songs I think in this case it works. 3-4 minutes of this sort of music in one song would become boring, tedious and probably unlistenable but the short, sustained brutality of the songs on offer here work in the albums favour.
This is never going to be one of my favourite black metal albums, that's for sure, but when you feel like pummelling your brains with something unashamedly raw and brutal then I think you could do a lot worse than Prosanctus Inferi's debut!

7 stars

Mike Thompson


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