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On disc: Papes Brüder

BRD-Pop - Claudia Ehrhardt - 4 stars


(Rodeostar Records - 2010)

Papes Brüder is Carsten Pape and the Dobbratz brothers Reiner and Meik. Carsten Pape was part of 80's rock band Clownes & Helden and later worked as a songwriter for e.g. Nena, Peter Maffay and Lotto King Karl. This is the second album of Papes Brüder and it's more rock then pop. Rock the way you know it from artists like Heinz-Rudolf Kunze, Klaus Lage and Peter Maffay - straight rock with German lyrics.
The track Heut Ist Mein Tag is a solid rocker, but the lyrics are very repetitive and it soon starts annoying me. Vorhang Auf Für Die Retter Des Sonnenuntergangs begins with a narrating passage, then the song becomes U2-influenced rock tune. Nothing special. Horizont sounds like a Peter Maffay tune, just the distinguish vocals of Maffay are missing. The happy rocker Sieben Uhr Früh shows again that Pape is influenced by The Edge, but the U2-meets-Westernhagen tune just make me want to skip to the next track. His smash hit Ich Liebe Dich - with Clownes & Helden - he covered about 25 years after the original release. The overdone version is called Ich Liebe Dich 2010, but it's still breathing the 80's rock vibe.
Fans of 80's rock with German lyrics might dig this album, for me it's about 25 years too late. Metal fans won't enjoy it. So if you aren't frequently listening to Kunze, Lage, Maffay or Westernhagen, you won't dig it.
Sorry, but even if it's solidly played, it's nothing new and I would always prefer to pick up some 80's release.

4 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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