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On disc: Piel de Serpiente

Inevitable - Lars Bjørn - 5 stars


(Karthago Records - 2011)

The Spanish rock band Piel de Serpiente has released their new album with a musical collection that are inspired by 80's metal and rock, but they have their own way of doing it. They have their strength in the charismatic vocalist Lufti Salah Al-Kharbuti who gives the Spanish singing extra power, but it seems that they are focusing on the market in Spain and Latin America as their texts are in Spanish. Inspired by metal from Accept and Iron Maiden but performed in a way that could be described as East European like Metalinda and others used to cut the edges of their songs. Generally a good tempo and melodic build of the songs, where La merca del Ayer gives a good impression of their musical talent. Best song however is Sons Of The Night, sung in English, hard rocked and could be inspired by Helloween the way they increase the intensity of the song. The down point of the album is a dedication to Ronnie James Dio, a song called Ronnie James, but the song starts slowly and is ending in Spanish folk music characteristics. Not the best way to honor Dio, if that was their intention with the song.

5 stars

Lars Bjørn


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