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On disc: Predator's Rose

- First Prey - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

First Prey

First Prey
(self-released - 2007)

I only know that this band is from Denmark, more exactly from Aarhus - and they play melodic heavy metal with female vocals.
The opener is called Seeing Tomorrow and starts with a prominent guitar part and a little later their singer Kathrine is joining in. Their sound is melodic, but you can also find a short thrashy part at Seeing Tomorrow. The track is based on traditional metal, but the lead guitar part is influenced by neo-classical metal. Vocally Kathrine is closer to the symphonic metal bands, but even if it seems that she had some vocal training, she isn't following the trend of operatic vocals. Beside that she isn't a soprano. Beast Within starts slowly off with Jacob's guitar which stays in the focus when the others join in. The lengthy semi-acoustic part leads you into a heavy riff-based rocker. At Beast Within Kathrine shows that she can add some aggression and power to her vocals. Jacob's showing his skills at a lead guitar part before they return to the main theme. At some of the more powerful and aggressive vocal parts Kathrine reminds me a bit of Doro Pesch in her early days with Warlock... And with Rancor you get the last one of First Prey, a song which is slower and more balladesque - in the beginning. They add some heaviness, first mid-tempo, then they speed up a bit. Here the guitar is too dominant and takes away the attention from the vocals. But that is something which can be fixed in the mixing.
A quite good first introduction of Predator's Rose to the metal fans. Well played melodic heavy metal with a good singer and it's great Kathrine isn't following the trend and tries operatic vocals! Sure, they can improve, but this is a demo and it's the first one of Predator's Rose, so give it a try!
You can download it at the bands website or go to if you want some more demos...

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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