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In Words: PowerWorld

- Ilker Ersin - Nov. 2010 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

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Ilker Ersin - November 5th 2010 (by email)

PowerWorld have just released their second album and they have been through changes. A new singer is always making a difference and it seems that with Human Parasite they found their own identity. Time to get a few answers, thanks to mainman Ilker Ersin for answering my questions!

The new album Human Parasite is showing a different band. On the debut Steffen Brunner was singing, now Andrew 'Mac' McDermott is your singer. You also have a new drummer. What happen?

The other members focused their energy to the cover band we played in. Lucas was not able to play the drums, we canceled 3 times a booked studio. Brunner told me he don't want to sing on this album cause of conflict of interests. Lucas and Brunner are good friends. It was the only way for me to go separate ways and finish the album with really nice and good musicians. I wish the old PW-members a lot of luck for their career.

Mac is a great singer and frontman who has a very unique voice. Was Mac the number 1 on your list when you were looking for a new singer?

We never had a list. We got so many offers from singers around the world, but Mac was always in my mind. I know him for a long time and as I heard he is no longer in Threshold, I got in touch with him.

Have the songs which ended up on Human Parasite already indicated a more hard rock-based sound? Or did Mac gave them this feel?

The songs on Human Parasite ARE different. This time was Barish Kepic more involved in the songwriting and production-process as the last time with the debut. But the songs and the voice of Mac are working very well together.

For me it seems that with Human Parasite - and Mac's vocals - PowerWorld defined their own sound. I think it's not just Mac's voice which makes the difference, also the songs... Would you agree?

Yes, of course. Barish and me worked really hard on this songs and every minute was it worth to spend it.

How long did you work on the album? How long did the songwriting take? The recordings?

We worked with interrupts about one year for the complete album. We did some breaks due to the change of musicians. We always writing songs, but we spend most of the time for the recordings.

You state that you aren't a political band, but that what happened in the world influenced you. A way for you to deal with the madness around you?

Yes, because I don't want to write lyrics without a sense. Music is for me a interpretation of feelings. Human Parasite is definitely a way for me to deal with the madness.

Any song(s) which has a special meaning to you? And if so, why?

All the songs have special meanings to me.

With SPV you have a global player at your side which is stronger then ever after facing bankruptcy, did you ever had doubts about working with SPV?

No. As I heard they are interested in PowerWorld we get in contact immediately. I know the A&R-manager for many years and know they are doing a great job.

As far as I know your debut wasn't released in the US, but Human Parasite will be in US stores soon. Are their any plans to make the debut available there too?

I guess the debut was released in US via Metal Heaven.

I guess you already got some feedback, are you satisfied so far? How was the release party?

We are satisfied with the reactions. We reach much more people with our music and any feedback is welcome. We met a lot of friends at our release-party and present our album and T-Shirts. We did a competition and the winner got CD's and original signed guitars from us. It was funny and very loud.

Nowadays video clips get more important again. Are you planing to do a video? And which song will / would you do it for?

Evil In Me and Tame Your Demons are my favorite songs to do a video for.

With 2 albums under the belt it's time to hit the road. And a short tour with Axel Rudi Pell is already announced. Can we expect to see PowerWorld more often on stage now?

Certainly we are in contact to jump of the festivals next year. We will see what happened after the tour. I'm sure that the tour will bring us a lot of response.

What can fans expect live? Will you have a track or two from the debut on the set list?

No, we only present the new songs. It makes no sense to play songs from the debut with this line up.

What's the next thing on your schedule you are looking forward to?

Rehearsals and warm up gigs are coming. We play at 22.Dec. with my ex-band Freedom Call and I'm totally excited.

The tour dates for the shows with Axel Rudi Pell are already published, so check out, if they come to town. Don't miss PowerWorld live!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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