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On disc: Pussy Sisster

Pussy Sisster - Lars Bjorn - 8 stars

Pussy Sisster

Pussy Sisster
(Black Bards - 2010)

What a name, Pussy Sisster. But sure, if you want a party that is way beyond the ordinary, then it should be considered to call for The Pussies (as they call themselves). The success is guaranteed a long way.
After 3 albums from 2005 to 2007 Pussy Sisster had some time to rest before it suits the sexy sleaze guys to shoot out another album. They are Germans, they tour around Germany, they have a website in German, they think and eat German, but their music is international, even though they are so modest to only label themselves as 'The Wildest Rock In Germany'.
There are 9 songs on this record, and not a bad one among them. If all the songs were at the same level, we would have the album of the century, but it's a little mixed in the great bowl of Sisster songs. You get in good mood by all of the songs, no doubt, but the first track: Today is a pure rock and sleaze essence. Sleaze should never sound anything different from this guzzling composition. The other highlight of the CD is: Hold Us Down.
Along with constant headbanging and footstamping this booster loaded song screams: Bon Jovi go home and start over. A great great great album.

8 stars

Lars Bjorn


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