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In Words: Places Of Power

- Places Of Power - Jan. 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Places Of Power band photo
Places Of Power

Bruce Turgon & Philip Bardowell
- January, 28th 2009 (by email) -

Places Of Power is a new band project of Bruce Turgon and Philip Bardowell. Both have done solo albums and worked with different bands. Now they teamed up and here is a bit background information about Places Of Power!

Please tell us, how Places Of Power got started! I guess, Serafino Perugino hooked you up?

Philip: Yes, it was Serafino who suggested that Bruce and I connect to discuss the possibility of a collaboration. We spoke by phone and hit it off immediately. Consequently, Bruce emailed some tracks and I loved what I heard and Places Of Power was born.

Who's idea was the name Places Of Power? Any connection to Carlos Castaneda? And what does it mean to you?

Bruce: Besides the obvious for the kind of album it would be, I was looking for a name that would encompass all the different energies that would contribute to the making of this record. I had never met Philip in person and we live a considerable distance from each other. Our relationship developed over the phone and via the internet. So, his energy and inspiration was coming from a completely different 'place' than mine. We are both in the U.S., our label is in Italy, the mixing and mastering would be done in Germany, and the artwork in Sweden. All very different, but important Places Of Power...

The album title is Now Is The Hour... The hour for Places of Power to make it? Or what was the idea behind it?

Philip: Bruce and I wanted the title to reflect the music. We were trying to create something powerful musically and emotionally-something that resonated with urgency and strength.

You both been active for many years... And you both released a solo album, why now working as a band? Or is it just a studio project?

Bruce: Our label, Frontiers, was very supportive of us collaborating on an album and when we first started trading song ideas, we found we had much in common musically, so it just came about naturally. For now it is a project that may evolve into a band at some point.

Can you tell us something about the song writing and recording of Now Is The Hour?

Philip: Bruce sent tracks that oozed with melodic potential. I bounced off his ideas, came up with some melodies and lyrics. A lot of Bruces tracks inspired the melodies and the process really flowed well. The collaboration was very natural and unforced.

I know the production was in your hands and the final mix and the mastering was done by Dennis Ward. How satisfied are you with his job?
Bruce Turgon - copyright: Alex Solca
Bruce: Dennis is great at what he does and a pleasure to work with. Were very happy with the end product.

I guess it's a bit early... On the other hand due to the internet you get feedback quite fast... Are you satisfied with the responce so far?

Philip: We have been. So far, the album has been well received. We hope people enjoy it. We're proud of the final result-we like it!

Why did you choose In Your Wildest Dreams for a video? And have there been any other songs you thought about?

Bruce: Besides being the lead track, we all felt it would make a strong performance video as well as a good first impression of the kind of album Places Of Power is.

Is there a song which has a special meaning to you? And if so, why?

Bruce: Not really. I look at the album as a complete work and am very happy with all the songs.

Bruce, for me the album is what I expected to be the follow-up of Shadow King... I confess, that I missed your solo album, but I'll try to get hold of it! But I still love Shadow King and still playing it quite frequently. So it seems that Shadow King had a lot Bruce Turgon in it.... Would you agree?

Bruce: Yes, it's really just the way I approach this musical genre. Like Places Of Power, I co-wrote almost all the tracks with Lou, and played rhythm guitar, bass and keyboards, so its quite similar in the way it was constructed.

It seems that a lot of your musical life was somehow linked to Lou Gramm... Are you still in touch?

Bruce: It's been a while since we've spoken, but hes meant to be near completion on a new album and I look forward to it and wish him well.

Can we expect another solo album? Perhaps another cooperation with Lou Gramm in future?

Bruce: Because I'm always writing, I've compiled enough material for another solo album, but just haven't decided whether I'll complete it yet. Lou and I are both very busy with our individual projects, so there are no plans at the moment.

You are doing for a couple of years soundtracks. How did you get into that business? And how much of a challenge is it?

Bruce: Yes, Lou and I had several songs in miscellaneous soundtracks and since then, I have done quite a bit of solo work for HBO, Showtime, PBS, Warren Miller Films, etc. I scored 2 documentaries in '08, as well as numerous underscore for tv and radio and am currently scoring the soundtrack for a new documentary on white water rafting. Its very interesting and challenging work, which I enjoy, particularly as it enables me to be creative beyond the format that I'm most known for.

Philip Bardowell Philip, I heard that you will be part of The Northern Light Orchestra. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Philip: It's a cool project that is produced by Ken Mary (House Of Lords). It features some amazing musicians: Lanny Cordola, Chuck Wright, Kip Winger and Tommy Aldridge to name a few. I'm proud to be a part.

Will there be another solo album? Another co-operation with Tommy Denander?

Philip: I truly can't say. It was great working with Tommy.

You choose a different musical path when you did Fall To Rise - I confess, I only read about it. Can you tell us a bit about the album coming to life?

Philip: Fall To Rise is a Christian-based album. It's basically a classic rock album that is a manifestation of my faith and walk with The Lord.

Your belief is very important for you. How important is it for you to show your belief? And the 'ministry tour'?

Philip: To me, it's such big part of who I am, I have no desire to conceal it. It's just who I am.

It seems that classic rock / hard rock gets more attention again... Do you feel that the interest is rising again?

Phiip: I do.

Any chance we will see you live one day in Europe? With Places Of Power? Or solo?

Philip: We'll see!

And I really hope we'll see Places Of Power again - live or with another CD - It would be a pity, if this dynamic duo won't continue. But one thing is for sure, both will stick to the music and so one way or another we will hear from them again.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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