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On disc: Power Theory

An Axe To Grind - Lars Bjørn - 9 stars

An Axe To Grind

An Axe To Grind
(Pure Steel Records - 2012)

The new album from Power Theory has already been highly praised worldwide, and that is fully understandable. The four dudes from Pennsylvania are doing fantastic musical fingertip feeling songs on their second full-length album which is released from Pure Steel Records. The frontman Dave Santini sings with power and elegance, sometimes raspy and other times attempting to turn over the dragons dungeon vocally. In a style where the songs has elements from both US metal to the metal forefathers of NWoBHM the Americans succeed to keep things simple and raw at the same time without compromising on the quality of the songs, only to secure that the tones that were produced into circle after circle on the CDs are in favor of Power Theory. When the production are as good as An Axe To Grind really is, I don't think Power Theory has something to worry about, the music speaks for itself. Edge Of Knives comes with heavy guitars to back up Santini's powerful raspy voice, a perfect mix that really brings a good intro to the album. You might think it would be impossible, but they actually made a song called Pure Steel, and the listener gets a melodic tale of fantastic rhythm guitar, and the song is just as sharp as required to reach the top level of today's metal music. The Seer gets us back to basic metal in the way that was typical for the beginning of the NWoBHM period in the 80's, that song will stick to your brain like it was implanted there. On The Inside they makes the tempo a little higher but also sharper as to cut away some edges of their metal attacks, and it suits them perfectly. The Hammer Strikes ends the CD in unexpected fist raising acknowledgement. Slow and very hard melodic metal with a focus on a strong and competent core of the song with well-polished details of metal spun all around the axe head on its way through the grinder for the last time. What an album Power Theory have made here!

9 stars

Lars Bjørn


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