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On disc: P.M.T.

Here Lies P.M.T. - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Here Lies P.M.T.

Here Lies P.M.T.
(Headstrong Music - 2010)

P.M.T. exists for 13 years, they released 2 EPs and this is their 4th full-length album and they played a lot live through the years. But somehow I haven't heard about the Swiss before. The septet calls their sound psychocore...
The opener is Clean Cut, a track which combines catchy vocal lines with keys and synths. But I can hardly hear guitars which is strange for a band with 3 guitarist. At least during the short instrumental guitar the lead guitar is audible. A bit melancholy Kinky Kamikaze II: Fetishtocracy sounds first, but then the song explodes and becomes a heavy rocker with guitars (!) and a dash of aggression. The refrain could have been taken from an EBM track... At Flies & Butterflies the chorus is catchy, but... The slow opening of RubEast Cube sounds like elevator music to me, then they speed up a bit and it's like a 80's pop tune spiced up with some guitars. And if I'm in the mood for something like that than I prefer Dead Or Alive's You Spin Me Round... The vocal line at Without You I'm Only Me is cool, but again it's the music which can't hook me up. At SulFur the fan chant reminds me a lot of the Blind Guardian fans live - and I see no reason to add this to a tune. I can hardly stand Some Tears Never Dry, too pathetic is this electro pop ballad. The closer Closer To God is first riff-based, then the keyboards / synths get more prominent and with spoken words they try to create a certain atmosphere. But again it ain't working for me, but perhaps I'm just the wrong person to review P.M.T. ...
P.M.T. tries to create something new, but at least for me their mix of sounds doesn't work. Some song elements sound quite familiar and sometimes I have the feeling they repeat themselves... I can only recommend to check them out at their MySpace and perhaps you'll find them entertaining....

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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