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On disc: Pandaemonium

The Last Prayer - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

The Last Prayer

The Last Prayer
(Icewarrior Records - 2011)

After 5 years Pandaemonium is back with The Last Prayer, fans of the Italians will be happy to get their hands on the new album. On the other hand, their fans are used to wait for a new release, this is the 3 album since 1999, so it seems they need about 6 years for every album...

Slowly they kick off with Alone In The Dark, at least for the first part of the song. Then they storm off into a heavy, guitar-driven track. But they also offer some epic parts! The vocals of Daniel Reda will divide the metal fans, and it's something I can understand. Daniel Reda is adding emotional vocals, but sometimes that's not enough - for me. At Holy Voice they show a softer side with acoustic guitar and a dash of folk. The following Tower Of Fears has a symphonic edge and again it's the vocals which I don't get into. At Go Your Own Way they even head into a fast passage with black-ish vocals... And they definitely live up to this motto! Or do you know any other band where the male singer adds vocals which usually are in the mezzo soprano range?

I love the vocal line at Braveheart, just the execution... But it's a catchy up-tempo rocker. At the instrumental Epitaph guitarist Steve Volta can show off his skills. Even if the speaks up at other songs, too.

Please listen to a few songs to figure out, if you like the vocals. It's mainly a matter of taste and it wouldn't be fair to give them a lower rating, just because I'm no fan of the vocals! Fans will love Pandaemonium perhaps especially for the uniqueness... But I guess it also means that they are more an underground band...

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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