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In Words: Pain Of Salvation

- Daniel Gildenlöw - Oct. 2002 - Roberto Palmitesta -

Daniel Gildenlöw (by phone) - October 2002

Daniel Gildenlöw was surprised when he picked up the phone and realized that the person that was going to make the interview was from Venezuela - South America, it was a good surprise for him to know that in this side of the world he and his bands have fans and radio shows and web sites interested on his work. Gildenlöw was very willing to talk about the future of Pain Of Salvation, his influences and the last album Remedy Lane.

Hello Daniel, first of all it is a great honor to me to make this interview, thanks a lot and congratulations for your last album Remedy Lane, because to me is the best album you ever made. It's a real masterpiece, so which was your source of inspiration for making this album?

Thanks a lot for your kind words. I took the inspiration from real life, I like to take inspiration from real experiences of the people, because I like the people feel involved with our music and with our stories.

What about the future of Pain Of Salvation? Which would be the next step for the band? Do you have in mind a large tour or a solo album?

Well, right now I have The Perfect Element Part II in the back of my head, I am giving shape to the second part of this album, but the next album for Pain Of Salvation would be another conceptual album, because conceptual albums is the best way for the band to communicate their music.

What about your influences?. It's easy to see that you have influences from the progressive bands of the 70's specially from the dark progressive school from Sweden, there were many dark progressive bands from your country in that time.

Well, I barely knew about this bands, I'm not familiar with this bands. I have heard some of the well known bands such as Yes and Genesis, but I don't use to hear progressive bands, I play the music that I want to listen, I like to experience my own music, and my music came natural on me. If there is something that represent an influence for me it was the music of Jesus Christ Superstar, it change my life and the way to understand music.

Well, I am surprised, this means that progressive rock came in a natural way to you. It is spontaneous on you and I think that in a way this is the way to make real progressive rock. But what about the early progressive bands? There are many progressive bands from Sweden right now like Pår Lind Project, The Flower Kings, Anglgard and Anekdoten, especially these two last ones are similar to your music, because their music is very dark. Are you familiar with these bands.

Well, let me disappoint you again, but I am not familiar with any of these bands. The only new band that I know well is The Flower Kings and that because I toured with Transatlantic and because I was invited to play with Flower Kings in a few shows. As I said before, I don't like to listen to other bands. I like the music from myself and I like to experience with real life.

How close you are to The Flower Kings? Do you like their music?

We are friends, because we toured together and I respect their music.

Congratulations again, because your style of progressive rock is like progressive rock should be. I mean, your music seek to innovate and to experience with different sounds, you take the best part of each instruments to experience sounds and I like the way you handle with different sounds. Instead other bands that try to play as much solos as possible, I don't like this style that much, a lot of solos will bore you. Musicians of this bands always try to show how much they can play, solos are important, but not if you use it all the time.

Thanks again and I am agree with you. I don't like to make music to impress people, all this solos are boring to me. I like to make music to reach the people. I like to make music to reach the feelings of the people, I want the people to identify with my music that's why I don't listen to the new bands. They don't give me anything.

Which are your plans for touring? Would you like to come to South America?

Right now we don't have plans for touring. The only thing by now is our gig at ProgPower USA in Atlanta. Maybe with the next album we will look to make a large tour and of course that we would like to come to South America. Let's see, if with our next tour we will have a chance.

Roberto Palmitesta


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