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In Words: Pink Cream 69

- Alfred 'Koffl' Koffler - Nov. 1993 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

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Pink Cream 69 were founded in 1987 by Andi Deris (voc), Kosta Zafirio (dr) and Alfred 'Koffl' Koffler (g). After playing with different bass players for about 6 months, they found Dennis Ward thru an advert in a music magazine. Then they started playing in every club around their hometown Karlsruhe and soon became a insider tip in the surrounding of Karlsruhe for fans of straight rock. In 1988 they won the talent competition of Metal Hammer which brought them a deal with Columbia Records / Sony Music. In 1989 the band released their debut album Pink Cream 69. The band with unusual name, which is actually a cocktail, then toured with as support of White Lion thru Europe. In 1991 the 2nd album One Size Fits All had been released. After that they toured two weeks in Japan and in spring 1992 the guys opened for Scandinavian rockers Europe. The Pinkies, how they called by their fans, is hot too play and had about 80 shows a year. After a break of nearly two years the band released Games People Play in April 1993.
On the Germany tour in November 1993 we had the possibility to talk with Koffl about the new album.

At first I was very surprised about your new album. it seems very unusual partly...

People who hear it for the first time can say it much better then we can, but I think it was a step in another direction. How extreme it was nobody can say in the band right now. I think it's very boring if every album sounds like the predecessor. Personally I'm happy about the fact, that other bands too, presenting something surprisingly, for example Queensrÿche where it could happen that the next album sounds more different then the on before.

Aren't you afraid of loosing fans?

Sure, there's the danger of loosing some of the old fans, but we also can reach some new ones. And I think it's the right direction for long.

Who has written most of the songs?

The music was written by all of us. The lyrics are from Andi, Kosta and Dennis.

You have used partly very unusual elements for Pink Cream 69, e.g. on Dying Century....

It was just an experiment. Some people will love it and some don't know how to deal with it. That are risks you choose if you try something new, but for us it was worth it. We don't wanted to the same as we did before, 'cause I think nobody wants to hear the same on every album.

Who has chosen the single Keep Your Eye On The Twisted?

Until now we never had a lucky hand by choosing a single, but this time we had our two favorites very early. We all, that means the band, the label and the management just had to choose between Face In The Mirror and Keep Your Eye On The Twisted. We definitely don't wanna release a ballad as the first single.

Is there a good understanding in the band?

Okay, there are quarrels in every good relation from time to time. But it never happened anything really worse. Especially at the European tour, when we spend about three months in the bus and we had really no problem to deal with this strong situation. After the tour everyone was asking what to do at home without the whole band. I think that's the best example how the understanding in the band is. We could work together very well and I hope it'll always be like this.

What are your plans for the future?

We'll tour in January for two weeks in Japan. In February we're planing to go back to the studio to record our 4th album.

Hopefully the next album become as good as the earlier ones and the next tour will bring the Pinkies to Russia, too.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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