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On disc: Promethium

Tribute To The Fallen - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Tribute To The Fallen
(self-released - 2009)

Promethium is a new project from the U.K., if it's named after the chemical element which isotopes are radioactive I don't know. The 5 members all been involved in different bands over the years. Now they joined forced to produce some heavy tunes full of energy and emotion. The opener is called Nothing and starts slowly, but get heavier. The slower parts remind me a bit of bands like 3 Doors Down and Stained, while the heavier parts are more metal... This one is sounding quite American, a riff-based rocker. The next track is called Trapped and is a heavy and angry track, but still melodic. Especially Dan's lead guitar play adds a melodic edge and seems to push singer Gary to the edge. The refrain is catchy and will haunt you after a few spins!
At Tribute To The Fallen they add some heaviness and use growls as a counter part during the refrain, but it's not just the growls which makes this one stick out! Drummer Fraser offers some complex rhythmic parts, but even if this is the heaviest tune, it's still melodic. With Visions they close this demo, a guitar-driven song which isn't as heavy as Tribute To The Fallen, but still rocks.
Promethium offer some heavy tune - with a rock vibe - which I think sound quite American and even have a chance to get air play at rock radio. Okay, the sound could be a bit more powerful and crisp, but it's a demo, so... A decent presentation of the British, it would be interesting to hear more songs of Promethium... Hopefully this band isn't as short-lived as the chemical element!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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