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On disc: Phobia

Remnants Of Filth - Lars Bjørn - 4 stars

Remnants Of Filth

Remnants Of Filth
(Earsplit Records - 2012)

Phobia is now releasing their fifth album, and their style is very aggressive grind metal where the main focus is short songs played as fast as they possibly can and almost all the songs ends with a scream like grasping for air due to their frenzy sweating performance. The result is 18 tracks, but most of them is very noisy and filthy only to live up their aggressive image. Drums are the main source of power to great pleasure for their fans, and to keep things simple their songs are very much alike, only a few exceptions, Deaden To Believe, Atrocious Atrocity, Resuscitate where Phobia give the guitars a little opportunity to show a heavier and more polished side of their powerful grindcore metal music. This album serves as a good CD to clear your head free of cultivated metal, only aggressive monster attacks rules here. There is a market for this ultra speed metal stuff, and it's called grindcore metal. Like it or not, Phobia is back with their 5th album.

4 stars

Lars Bjørn


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