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On disc: Pentgram

- Anatolia - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Century Media - 1997)

I was very surprised when I got the CD from Century Media, coz the logo and the name looked more like some death or black metal stuff, but the biography talked about power metal from Turkey. Okay, so I put the CD in my player and started listening. Opening with the title track I heard power metal which has influences by the American power metal, but soon I learnt that the quintet also included elements of Turkish folk music. The track 1000 In The Eastland starts with Oriental sounds, very unusual and in the beginning a little strange.
The rhythm section gives a powerful playground to the guitars and the vocals of Murat. Production-wise the band can competed with every American band or from main land Europe, if you have doubts about that. With the track Gndz Gece they recorded a traditional Turkish song which they transferred into a heavy metal version. The Turkish lyrics might sound a little strange in the beginning, but add a special something to the track. Unusual is also that the band decided to put an English and a Turkish version of Anatolia on the album and after listening several times, I have to say that I prefer the Turkish version! But I think everybody should check out the album and find out, if he / she likes the power metal with a Turkish touch. Musically I can recommend this album to fans of Iced Earth and similar bands.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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