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On disc: Polysics

- We Ate The Machine - Claudia Ehrhardt - 4 stars

We Ate The Machine

We Ate The Machine
(Gan Shin Records - 2008)

I'm not too much into the Japanese rock or metal scene and this is my first encounter with Polyscis. I learnt that they have numerous albums, EPs and singles released in their home country and some made it even out side the Japanese islands.
The foursome is obviously influenced by Devo... At the opening tune Moog Is Love they present some rock sound with metallic riffs and computer bleeps and sounds. A quite crazy tune which turns into a frenzy before getting back to the chorus. Pretty Good I would describe as an up-tempo punk-pop tune. A strange mix you get at Rocket where they seems to combine Western sounds with electronic gimmicks and some Japanese vocals. An experience and a roller coaster ride through their sound universe. Fans of J-Rock might dig this, but for someone who isn't used to this sounds it's a challenge - like DNA Junction. One of the tracks which are probably easier to get into is Irotakage...
For me this kind of music is very tiring. but that's a matter of taste. But the quartet is breaking limits and combines whatever gets in their way - musically. East meets West meets computer bleeps - that's it in a nut shell. In this case the rating is probably not quite fair... Sorry, but not my cup of tea.

4 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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