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On disc: Prong

Power Of The Damn Mixxer - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Power Of The Damn Mixxer

Power Of The Damn Mixxer
(AFM Records - 2009)

Prong are a quite unique band and it's not the first time they have some remixes. But why they chose the 2007 album Power Of The Damager for this and not some older release, I don't get. I think it would have been more interesting to overdo some older tracks... And as I'm not familiar with the originals, I can't compare the them. Anyway, they got members of Pitchshifter, Anthrax, Dope and Dillinger Escape Plan. Btw, the mixes are in a different order then at the original release.
The opener is Worst Of It which is remixed by Pitchshifter's Jon Clayden and creates a modern groove monster. Can't Stop The Bleeding is mixed by Xris FLAM and is an intense industrial track. Quite danceable. With Power Of The Damager you get a noisy electro groove track, but Rob Caggiano's mix of The Banishment was more interesting in my opinion... Perhaps coz he as a metal musician works different then the guys of Professional Murder Music... Btw, there is another version of The Banishment by Clayton Worbeck of Revolting Cocks. I really like 3rd Option! Cool version by Kourtney Klien! Pure Ether is too trance-like for me, but Message Inside Of Me by Seismologist is better - it still has its identity. Another highlight is Looking For Them in the remix version of Virus from Dope. He keep the heavy riffing of Tommy Victor in the focus. Changing Ending Troubling Times has a crossover feel, but varies in speed and mood.
The remix album is interesting for Prong fans and for industrial fans in general, but if you really need this? There is no universal answer to this. Its up to you!

Track list:

  1. Worst Of It (Worst of The Worst Mix)
    – Remixed by Jon Clayden of Pitchshifter
  2. Can't Stop The Bleeding (SMack! Mix)
    – Remixed by Xris FLAM
  3. The Banishment (Wolfzilla & The Angry Moon Mix)
    – Remixed by Rob Caggiano of Anthrax
  4. Power Of The Damager (Fabrication Mix)
    – Remixed by Brian Harrah & Roman Marisak
    of Professional Murder Music
  5. 3rd Option (Naked In The Cadillac Mix)
    – Remixed by Kourtney Klien
  6. Pure Ether Big Riddim Mix)
    - Remixed by AK1200 & GENR8
  7. Message Inside Of Me (Chicxulub Impactor Mix)
    – Remixed by Seismologist
  8. No Justice (Crackmix)
    – Remixed by DJ? Acucrack
  9. Looking For Them (Contagious Mix)
    – Remixed by Virus of Dope
  10. Spirit Guide (Reality's Edge Mix)
    – Remixed by John Bechdel of False Icons
  11. Changing Ending Troubling Times
    (Abandoned Structures Mix)
    – Remixed by Ampedelic
  12. The Banishment (Bitter Harvest Mix)
    – Remixed by Clayton Worbeck of Revolting Cocks
  13. Bad Fall (Smile on Your Face Mix)
    – Remixed by Greg Puciato of Dillinger Escape Plan

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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