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On disc: Papa Roach

- Infest - Amir Djawadi - 6 stars


(Dreamworks Rec. - 2000)

You know Coal Chamber and System Of A Down!? Then you'll have an idea what to expect from Papa Roach. With Jay Baum­gardner they have the same produce as the bands I mentioned before. Anyway, they have their own sound, especially singer Coby Dick make this special. Nowadays it gets harder and harder to create something innovative and often only the vocal parts can give the band a special touch.
But that doesn't mean that the other musicians ain't talented. Jerry Horton is shredding his guitar and bassist Tobin Esperance add a groove which gives them a fresh sound, but that wouldn't work without drummer Dave Bruckner. The topics of the 11 songs on Infest deal with daily life and talk about alcohol, the pain of separation and suicide... These are the topics they talk about and which are based on the Papa Roach sound. It ain't easy to categorize the music of the Californian quartet, coz Coby Dick is more a pop singer, but add elements of rock, funk and hiphop. Musically the offer a very melodic sound which has brutal parts and is catchy at the same time.
P-Roach how their fans call them are on their way to conquer the music world with this album, their major label debut. Actually the released some CDs since 1995, but know are out to take the world by storm. I think this musical storm will thrill you, but won't do damage, even if it's like a epidemic and soon will infect the listeners.
I guess that the American quartet will offer a powerful, energetic and thrilling live per­formance. Perhaps everybody will have to see them live, not just in America...

6 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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