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On disc: Germán Pascual

A New Beginning - Lars Bjřrn - 7 stars

A New Beginning

A New Beginning
(Nightmare Records - 2012)

Germán Pascual is mostly known from his work with the band Divinefire, where his voice often was compared to Jřrn Lande. Not a bad comparison, and Pascual has a possibility to live out his own music on a newly released album called A New Beginning. It's his debut as solo artist, and the songs tells of Germán Pascual really dominating with his voice, but the musical content is not always living up to the great voice Pascual. But anyway, it's a start from him as solo artist, and Seek The Truth gets us a sharp melodic opener filled with massive power metal. Misty Dreams are shoving a great attitude of power to form super metal where the guitars really gets their saying. That continues on the song Open Your Eyes where the guitar work is extra powerful and support Germán Pascual's vocal performance great. Finally we get the rough and edgy Fate Of The Blind where the guitars are turning their insides out in total power metal. Fantastic way to make metal rhythm, that has to be experienced.

7 stars

Lars Bjřrn


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