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On disc: Pro-Pain

Fistful Of Hate - Peter Haber - 8 stars
Absolute Power - Carsten Bahr - 8 stars
20 Years Of Hardcore - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

20 Years Of Hardcore

20 Years Of Hardcore
(AFM Records - 2011)

Gary Meskil and his mates are now presenting a best of simply called 20 Years Of Hardcore. And it's a must-have for fans of the NY hardcore legend.

The CD opens with 4 new tracks which are followed by 4 tracks the current line-up has re-recorded in 2011 and a cover version of Böhse Onkelz' Keine Amnestie für MTV. But they have more to offer! They offer 14 live tracks which were recorded in Brno (Czech Republic). Unfortunately I have no information about when it was recorded, but I guess it was in April 2010...

Talking about the new songs... 3 of them are quite typical Pro-Pain tracks, only Hands In The Jar will surprise the listener.

The DVD offers a show from 1998, recorded in Belgrade plus some songs which have been recorded at WFF (different years) and at the Lausitzring (Germany) in 2005. Additionally some fan-filmed footage, rare clips and the promo video for Down For The Cause.

Pro-Pain offer a best-of which is really value for money. If you are into hardcore, then this is a real treat!

Track list CD:

(new songs)
01. Damnation
02. Hands In The Jar
03. Someday Bloody Someday
04. True Liberation

(newly recorded versions 2011)
05. Foul Taste Of Freedom
06. Make War (Not Love)
07. Denial
08. Shine

Böhse Onkelz cover
09. Keine Amnestie für MTV

Live In Brno (CZ)
10. Unrestrained
11. Three Minutes Hate
12. Can You Feel It
13. UnAmerican
14. Neocon
15. No Way Out
16. F*ck It
17. Draw Blood
18. The Shape Of Things To Come
19. In For The Kill
20. Let The Blood Run Through The Streets
21. Foul Taste Of Freedom
22. All For King George
23. Destroy The Enemy

Track list DVD:

Belgrad (1998)
02.Make War (Not Love)
03.State Of Mind
04.The Stench Of Piss
05.Life's Hard
06.Get Real
08.Foul Taste Of Freedom
10.Box City
11.Blood Red
12.Bad Blood

With Full Force Festival
01. Casualties Of War (2002)
02. UnAmerican (2005)
03. Fuck It (2007)

Lausitzring (2005)
01. Neocon
02. One World Ain't Enough
03. Left For Dead
04. Life's Hard
05. Get Real

+ Fan-filmed Material (1993 – 2005)
+ Rare Clips 'From The Vault'
+ Promo Video 'Down For The Cause'

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Absolute Power

Absolute Power
(AFM Records - 2010)

Hardcore veterans Pro-Pain led me on the gardens path with the title of their latest album. I thought this will be their most brutal release ever, but after spinning the album Absolute Power a few times, I admit, I was wrong. Pro-Pain are more melodic and diversified - and catchy - then in the past. But they are still heavy and powerful, and some songs are just brutal. Absolute Power is the right label for songs like the opener Unrestrained which is fast one with fat grooves. Track no. 2 is Destroy Your Enemy and offers fat grooves and brutal riffing á la Pantera plus tribal drumming the way Sepultura use it. Stand My Ground is a thrasher with Destruction's Schmier as guest vocalist and the slightly off key refrain spices up this hateful tune. For the closer Hate Coalition they take out the wrecking ball, the blast beats and just destroy everything in their way. Like Gary Meskil sometimes act on stage - sorry, for the side blow, pal. Between the heavy ones you'll find a catchy one based on a metal groove called Road To Nowhere - incl 'hoho' shouts - and a memorable refrain. AWOL is a mean punk rock track which obviously is influenced by The Misfits! Time to party! Hell On Earth is a fast forward track with double bass attacks, but varying speed. Divided We Stand also has a punky edge, but is more in the vain of Böhse Onkelz and offers some cool gang shouts. Time for some rock'n'roll, time for Gone Rogue (I Apologize), a songs which is almost chart material, quite relaxed and very catchy. And with Rise Of The Antichrist they are back on track, Pro-Pain as we all know them. Sure, Pro-Pain experiment a bit on Absolute Power, but you always hear that it's Pro-Pain, if you take off the blinders, then you'll discover a great album. And Absolute Power is the perfect title for this piece of music!

8 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


Fistful Of Hate

Fistful Of Hate
(Continental - 2004)

The New York band Pro-Pain is delivering the same old stuff, no big changes. What you get it Pro-Pain. Opener Can You Feel It? shows that they stick to their roots. This time the production - done by the band - is better, more powerful. But if you take a closer look then you discover some changes! Songs like Godspeed and American Dream have almost catchy melody lines. They used new sound elements and on Godspeed the fast song got completed by keyboard parts. But still they are more hardcore / modern thrash metal, but now with some modern touch. On other tracks - like Left For Dead - the riffing is a little bit death metal-like. Anyway, the guitar riffing and the growls of Gary Meskil are the trademarks of the Pro-Pain sound. With the instrumental The Better Half Of Forever the band will surprise the fans. A real heavy metal instrumental with acoustic parts and guitar / drum solos. To check out I recommend Implode, Left For Dead and American Dream.

8 stars

Peter Haber
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)

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