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On disc: Ted Poley

Smile - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(Frontiers - 2008)

Most hard rock fans will know Ted Poley as the singer of Danger Danger, but he also was the singer of Melodica and Smile is his second solo album. Musically the New Jerseyan stick to his roots.
Opening up with Waiting Line, a fast melodic rocker with a catchy hook. In my opinion a quite typical Poley tune, don't get me wrong, this isn't negative at all! I just want to say that this is what you expect from Ted Poley! And JK Northrup is adding a cool lead guitar part. With Going Blind he offers a balladesque rocker with emotional vocals. An ear catcher! It gets heavier with Smile, but its mainly the guitars, coz the keyboard give it a light touch. Here Vic Rivera added some guitar play and backing vocals. The song carries the vibe of the early 90's hard rock / melodic metal. It's just fun to listen to. With acoustic guitar starts More Than Goodbye, a ballad which shines due to the reduced sound. It's acoustic guitar and vocals mainly, even if you hear a keyboard it stays in the background. But later it becomes a powerful balladesque tune, but still guitar and vocals reign the song. Great guitar play by Northrup - again. A heavy up-tempo melodic rocker is Luv On Me which is guitar-driven - and again Poley revives the early 90's. If I Can't Change Your Heart will enthrall you you from the start! I can't really fathom what is so fascinating, but this is my personal highlight. Another highlight is Life Keeps Spinning Me Round! The keyboard adds the 70's Hammond sound and the song has a bluesy note. Will Ya is a bit faster and with a melancholy edge, but also with a spark of hope... And again Vic Rivera joined Ted Poley and it seems that together they are even stronger... Last, but not least Reprise (If I Can't Change Your Heart) where they pick the balladesque tune again. Good way to let the album fade out.
Resume: A great album of Ted Poley which won't disappoint his fans and everybody who loved Danger Danger or Melodica will dig this one, too. But if you are into hard rock or melodic metal, then you should check it out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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