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In Words: Pantheon I

- John Espen Sagstad - July 2009 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Pantheon I
Pantheon I

John Espen Sagstad - July 29th 2009 (by email)

Norwegian's Pantheon I have a new album and I took the chance to sent over some questions to learn more about the band. Thanks to guitarist John Espen Sagstad for answering my questions!

Since the release of The Wanderer And His Shadow you've been through changes... Please give us a short recap of what happened!

We have been fucked over countless times by idiot bookers, where the main guy goes by the name of Henk (Vain Productions). We have lost a drummer, but gained a new Duracell-driven-bunny by the name of Mads G. We have all become 2 years older, gained some pounds around the big old belly, gotten more hairy and horny and hopefully more skilled with our instruments.

On Worlds I Create you present fast, aggressive songs with melancholy and melodies. You create soundscapes... atmospheres. Are you satisfied with the album? Could you transport the ideas you had a 100%?

Yes, we are all very satisfied with the album. There is of course always something you would have done different, added some more stuff, etc etc etc, so I am not 100% satisfied. But don't get me wrong, with this album I would say I am 99,99% satisfied and is by far the best album I have EVER participated on! I also had a genuine wish to have our drummer Mads G record the entire album all oiled up, wearing a thong and having a banana in his mouth... This wish was of course not fulfilled, since he recorded the drums wearing his mothers wedding dress, so no, I could not transport all my ideas 100%.

Why do you choose the title Worlds I Create?

Initially we had planned the title I Create Worlds?, but it didn't have the confident schwung over it, so we ended up with Worlds I Create...

You use a 'real' cello, not some synths to create the sound. How important is it for you to use a cello? And will a violin return to the music of Pantheon I one day?

The cello has always been a very important part of Pantheon-I. This is the most powerful and melancholic instrument ever created by man and brings the extra touch our music needs. And the fact that a hot dominatrix is ripping the best out of the cello everyday also helps. ;) No, I don't think the violin will ever return in Pantheon-I. Our music has taken a more dark and sinister direction since we had a violin in the band, so that instrument would not fit in anymore.

You used multiple layers, at Ascending even clean vocals. Isn't there the risk to get lost in the different layers?

No, not at all. We make our music the way we want it to sound, and are never afraid of experimenting with atmospheres, adding many layers etc. If somebody means we have added to many layers, well then it is their problem and they should listen to something else... Btw, I heard a song from Pussycat Dolls the other day, maybe that could be interesting for them.

And will we get some more clean vocals in future?

Yes, I think we will continue adding clean vocals to parts we feel would suit it.

Btw, your songs seems to have quite different influences... Is the different background of the band members essential for the sound of Pantheon I?

Yes, of course. The fact that we all have different influences helps us create different kinds of atmospheres within the music. Would be boring, if all of us was just inspired by Mongolian Throat Singing like our bass player...

With Serpent Christ you had an e-single as an appetizer for the album, but what made it special is that you added Enter The Pantheon. Have your fans been asking for this demo track? Or do you want more people to hear it, coz it's somehow special?

This song kicks ass and we have been playing it live almost every gig since from the start. The audience also seem to dig the song as it usually stirs up some crazy headbanging! First we thought about recording a cover song for the single, but since Enter The Pantheon never have been released before, we decided it's time has come! It was awesome to hear the song with brutal sound and how Mads G relentless drumming improved the song even more!!

You stated that you are an anti-religious band - and that you get inspired by what you see around you. What's the way to make people see? And what do you think about all the satanic bands?

Yes, we are definitely a anti-religious band! And when I say anti-religion, I mean all sorts of religion. Look at what religion have caused during the history and even in the world today, making people ignorant, stupid, thirsty for blood, sheep-minded etc, no wonder we hate them!
Satanists are as stupid as every other religion-idiots, make it Christian scum or Islamic bastards!! They are exactly the same, if you believe in Satan, you also believe in God, Allah, Ballah, Buddah, and vice versa. And nothing pisses me more off than when I say I don't believe in God, and people ask me if I'am a satanist and believe in Satan! Some people really don't get it....

How did you get involved in the sound track for Someone's Knocking At The Door? Was it more difficult to write a song for a movie compared to the 'usual' song writing?

Kvebek and Tor worked with a producer by the name of Rome Ramsies when they made the Sculpture Of Flesh video with 1349. Kvebek and Rome started to discuss a possible music video for Pantheon-I, but the budget got too big for us and we had to drop the entire thing. On the other hand, Rome liked the music of Pantheon-I and when he needed some music for a new horror movie he asked us. Since we are all die-hard horror fans in Pantheon-I we jumped right into it. It wasn't more difficult to make the song, we just had to think differently. We needed to have focus on creating more dark and scary atmospheres instead of just blasting like idiots, but as you can hear from the song, we couldn't resist the idea of throwing in a little hyper blast there as well, hehe.

You got a deal with Mesa Boogie... It doesn't seem to be the first choice for an extreme metal band, what makes Mesa Boogie perfect for you?

What makes Mesa Boogie perfect for us? Hmm, maybe the fact that Mesa Boogie is the best amplifiers in the world?? I think most guitarists would agree with me. ;) If not, they have not tried playing through one yet.

Are any shows been scheduled yet? A chance to tour Europe? Or other places?

Yes, we have a small Norwegian tour coming up in September with our friends from Dead Trooper. And we also have prospect of a tour in Eastern Europe, and a European tour with Maniac's Skitliv and Den Saakaldte currently being planned.
We really look forward to banging out our new songs with all you guys and girls out there!

Pantheon I and 1349 have a bit in common... Have you heard their new album? And if so, what do you think about it?

Yes, I have heard the new album and honestly I am very disappointed! I have always loved 1349's music, but this time around they really didn't do it for me. Not my cup of tea.

Are you already working on new songs? Or do you focus on a live set? What keeps you busy these days?

Yes, we already have 2 brand new songs and have started working on the third one. And I must say I am damn happy with the new stuff! Beside making new songs we also rehearse on a set list for upcoming concerts, so there is much to do at rehearsals. Other than rehearsing like idiots we have been very busy lately working with promotion for Worlds I Create in the form of answering many interviews, coming up with some artwork for new merchandise, watching porn together (mainly midget porn since there are 4 persons really getting of to it in the band), hanging at the local Narvesen kiosk hitting on the opposite sex, and the list goes on... so there are much to do! Always busy...

Looks like Pantheon I are busy to let the world know about them... A tour will definitely help them to spread the world. Seems that they won't let anybody stop them and that a new album won't take years to see the light of day!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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