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On disc: Pissing Razors

- Evolution - Amir Djawadi - 7 stars


(Eagle Rock - 2003)

Evolution is the new album of the Texas-based band Pissing Razors. It's not just the name of the latest release it also describes the story of the band, coz they live trough the process of continuous changes which is also the description for the word 'Evolution'. About 5 years ago the band was founded and they had to face several line-up and label changes which led into an inconstancy. On the other hand there are still the original members drummer Eddy Garcia and bassist Rick Valles who give the band their own sound. Their own evolution. Andre Acosta (vocals) and Matt Difabio are the new Pissing Razors. The new ones monitored the career of the Pissing Razors from their early days and now saw their chance to take part.
The quartet presents 10 new tracks which combine the influences of the current metal scene and their own stylistic roots. A new subspecies of metal arise which combines the heaviness and aggression of modern metal and has also influences which will surprise you and which adds some freshness. They offer raw power mixed with a minimum of melody and harmony. The album ends with the title track Evolution and so picks up the theme and connect the musical developing of the band with the future. This song is innovative - partly because the song isn't completely in English - and make me looking forward for more releases of the Pissing Razors.

7 stars

Amir Djawadi
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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