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On disc: Point Of View

- Outer World - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Outer World

Outer World
(self-produced - 2006)

In 2003 the band was founded by drummer Lukasz Ferenc and guitarist Tomasz Grabowski and their aim was to play progressive metal. But it wasn't easy to complete the line-up and so they looked for some musicians to play some rock / metal stuff. After some line-up changes they finally found the right people and started their travel into the progressive metal world. But the problem was to find a singer who was also into prog metal, as they didn't find a suitable singer guitarist Bartek Kurkowski gave it a try - and it worked out.
In May 2006 they finally had some songs together to demo - which I review here. Point In Time starts with keyboard sounds, but then the band joins... A bit bombastic... And first there is some sadness, after speeding up it seems that hope is back. The song let me think of Beyond Twilight... Heavy riffing builds a bridge between art rock sounds and traditional heavy metal. The voice of Bartek Kurkowski is dark, emotional and doesn't lack power. Near the end of Point In Time they slow down and create soundscapes la Pink Floyd. The second track Reborn is starting off with some Deep Purple-ish organ, but the staccato of drums and guitars are in sharp contrast to the keyboard and the lead guitar. The basis of drums and staccato guitar stays, but the added keyboard changes the sound from progressive metal to art rock. The middle part remind me a bit of Threshold... Very intense.
And just beautiful. The last track is called Mercy Killings and starts with some beeps... then an sound of a flatline.... The bass returns to the pounding sound of a heart while guitar and keyboard weave Rush sounds into.
A very good demo and I bet that soon they will get signed and soon will make their way in the progressive metal world!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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