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On disc: Pagan's Mind

- Infinity Divine - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Infinity Divine

Infinity Divine
(SPV (re-release) - 2004)

Finally the debut album of the Norwegian progsters Pagan's Mind is back in the stores. The re-release of Infinity Divine is offering a 2 bonus tracks, but what's more important - the production is better now. One reason why the debut album didn't got more attention when it got released first, was the poor production. The songs couldn't convince at that time just due to the lack of a good production. Now the songs sound a lot better and singer Nils K. Rue is sounding much better and more powerful. This shows very well why a good production is essential!
Musically Pagan's Mind don't try to sound like Dream Theater, a mistake many prog bands make. The Norwegians combine melodies with power metal and some thrash elements, just to add some progressiveness to their sound. Tons of breaks and different riffs. On Embracing Fear Rue partly reminds me of Roy Khan.... There is some similarity in the phrasing. Kamelot fans will probably like this band, too. Something for fans of Tad Morose, Nocturnal Rites, Evergrey, Conception and early Fates Warning. A good example is the title track Infinity Divine. Or check out Caught In A Dream... Or King's Quest.... The track Angels' Serenity is - as most other tracks - up-tempo, but this one is more catchy then most of the tracks. Due to the tons of breaks and riffs these songs can't be called catchy in general. There are catchy parts, but sometimes a little less would serve the song better... Outstanding is Dawning Of The Nemesis, not just because this is a mid-tempo one, here singer Nils K. Rue can show more emotions. Some more songs like this one would have done the album some good, but this is their debut!
The bonus tracks are the newly recorded Embracing Fear and the King Diamond cover version At The Graves! Usually I can't recommended a band to cover King Diamond, coz his vocals are so unique, but this cover version is fun to listen to! Well done.
Perhaps not a real highlight of the genre, but a decent album which - after it's overdone - shows its quality. Heavy, progressive, melodic riff-based metal that's what they offer. Perhaps to complex for some power metal fans, but if you like the above mentioned bands you should definitely check them out. If you are into some of these bands, give it a try and make up your mind.

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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