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On disc: Pantheon I

Worlds I Create - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Worlds I Create

Worlds I Create
(Candlelight Records - 2009)

The Norwegian band Pantheon I was founded in late 2002 and a promotional demo was well received by the media. After completing the line-up in early 2004 they were ready to present themselves live. Their debut Atrocity Divine was released in 2006 and the following year they presented The Wanderer And His Shadow. But they had to face some line-up changes through the years. Now the Oslo-based band is back with Worlds I Create.
They kick off with fast riffing, but Myself Above All can also deliver a melody line. It takes awhile til the song completely shows it's assets, coz the first 90+ seconds it's fast riffing, then a break and they head into a complex mid-paced black metal passage, then add a symphonic touch. But they don't forget their roots and so another fast black metallic part follows. It sounds a bit chaotic, but actually that's their aim here - the controlled chaos. Guitarist and singer AndrŔ Kvebek varies and even presents growls. At Define The Trinity they offer a variation, the structure is the same, but due to a different riffing and additional elements the songs gets a different atmosphere. Here they surprise with a slow, atmospheric part with spoken words. An element they like to use is stopping dead and change direction. At Ascending they have Jonas Renske as a guest singer, the more melodic vocals are standing against the fast, extreme music. At Burn The Cross Liv Julianne Kost°l cello is very prominent in the beginning, but then almost got steam rolled by the guitars. With Written In Sand they close this chapter. More slowly they kick off with spoken words, then a semi-acoustic part with cello. Very sad they sound, but then it seems that they fight it. Storm off into a fast black metal part with mean vocals. And they return to the constructed chaos, first they stay fast, but then they ease off - for awhile. During the 7 minutes they take you on a journey through the Pantheon I world - with all it different shades.
The Norwegian outfit presents an album which is heavy, fast, but also has twists and turns. They can surprise the listener and even after several spins you can discover details. A very interesting album for fans of black metal who aren't purists!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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