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In Words: Planet X

- Derek Sherinian - June 2007 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Planet X band photo
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Derek Sherinian - June 2007 (by email)

Planet X is a band of extraordinary musicians, but it's been a bit quite lately. Now they are back with a new album and Derek Sherinian answered a few questions by email.

First obvious change, Tony MacAlpine is no longer in the band. What happened?

Tony just went his own way a few years ago, we wish him the best.

The last time we heard from you was with the release of Live From Oz. Why did it take so much time to come back with a new studio album?

I have been busy building my solo career, and have also been playing with Billy Idol. Planet X is still very important to Virgil and I, and we felt that it was time to put some new music out.

On Quantum you worked with some guests. How did you get these excellent musicians involved?

Allan Holdsworth has been a favorite guitarist of mine for 25 years. He played on my Mythology CD in 2004.

How did you decide who play which songs?

When you know the styles and strengths of the musicians involved, it is easy to assign the songs to each player.

How did you come up with the description 'Metal Fusion on Steroids'?

That is what it sounds like to me! I cant think of a better definition.

Why the title Quantum?

One of the songs is titled Quantum Factor.

Who had the idea for the cover artwork? And who did it?

Virgil and I collaborated with artist Mattias Noren (who has done my last 3 solo records). I think that the packaging turned out great.

What inspires you when you write music?

Everything, but mainly the people that I am playing with gives me a lot of inspiration to draw off of.

When you have lyrics, then a title is more easily chosen, I guess... How do you come up with the titles? Are their any stories behind songs?

Since there are no words, you have to go off of vibes, visual images, and inside jokes for instrumental titles.

Are any shows planned? And if yes, who will come on tour with you?

We have no shows planned as of now, but stay tuned at our website

What comes next? Another project? Some cooperation with other musicians?

I am writing for solo record #6, always doing something musical!


I have to thank Derek to spend time to answer my questions and if they are coming on tour I hope there is the chance to talk a bit...

Claudia Ehrhardt


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