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On disc: Procession

The Cult Of Disease - Lars Bjørn - 7 stars

The Cult Of Disease

The Cult Of Disease
(High Roller Records - 2011)

In fact this album is a re-release of the CD saw the light of day in 2009, but because they have a new album ready in 2011, Destroyers Of The Faith, they have decided to put The Cult Of Disease out again to kick start their career. Procession is a coming band that are marching onwards with enormous steps and making an effective mark on the doom metal scene, so a good initiative from them with two releases in 2011. There are only 6 songs on The Cult Of Disease, but it's more than enough to nail their position as the coming rulers of the doom music scene. All their songs on The Cult Of Disease are starting slow, but progresses impressively as the song goes along. Raven Of Disease has a vocal line from Felipe Kutzbach that could indicate that he needs to warm up first, because in the other tracks he is very brilliant and Like A Plague Upon The Earth they do a doom pressure which is so simple that it is stunning how much they get out of this song. Down The River Of Corpses has a strange rhythm to it, but nevertheless the power is convincing from the newcomers of the doom metal scene. The best song in my view is The Road To The Gravegarden where they do a melodic bass guitar sound that really dominates the picture and shows their skills in doom metal with ambitious and forward attitudes. A good album, short but effective.

7 stars

Lars Bjørn


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