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On disc: Pagan Altar

The Time Lord - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

The Time Lord

The Time Lord
(Cruz del Sur - 2012)

Fans of occult rock should know Pagan Altar, a band which started in the mid-70's. The songs on The Time Lord were recorded in the late 70's before they disbanded. After the reunion in 2004 they released The Time Lord for the first time - but only on vinyl and limited to 500 copies -, now Cruz del Sur is presenting it on CD!

They kick off with Highway Cavalier and right from the start it's crystal clear, this is authentic occult rock and it takes you onto a travel back in time. They slightly polished the sound, but it's obviously a 70's recording - and that's great! The title track The Time Lord shows references to some British progressive bands with folk and blues rock roots. At Judgement Of The Dead Pagan Altar remind me slightly of old Black Sabbath... My favorite is The Black Mass due to the great guitar play and the catchy vocal line. The closer Reincarnation has a Krautrock edge... And is real treat for occult rock fans!

Fans of The Devil's Blood and co who don't know the forerunners, this is your chance to find out what inspired them. This is a back-to-the-roots album (EP)!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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