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On disc: Proghma-C

Bar-Do Travel - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Bar-Do Travel

Bar-Do Travel
(Mystic Production - 2009)

Lately we hear about more Polish bands and so it seems that the Polish scene becomes more vivid, but I think we been ignorant in the past...
Anyway, with Proghma-C there is a new band which combines some very different music genres and so they create something unique. But their mix isn't easy to digest... The opener Kana has progressive elements, expressive vocals, heavy riffs, and somehow they remind me of Tool... The song has catchy passages, but also bulky parts which challenge the listener. Spheric sounds combined with heavy riffs, but this specific passage is a bit lengthy... Here they also add some screamo-like vocals, a break and slowly the song fades out. Quite disturbing at the end. With spoken words they lead you into FO, then heavy staccato riffs... They take you onto another roller coaster ride! Spiralling To Another kicks off quite melodic, but still complex. The song becomes quite heavy due to heavy riffs and screams - for awhile. Again twists and turns. The long instrumental passages don't make it easier to get into Proghma-C's sound, they are challenging the listener. Spitted Out is a mean one with a heavy groove and will disturb the listeners who like their Tool-ish sounds. And at Spitted Out [Out] they offer some very progressive heavy sounds. This isn't sonic fast food! This album is demanding! It needs several spins and full attention, so if you aren't willing to give this, then you won't have the slightest chance to discover the soundscapes of the Polish foursome! If you only listen to So Be-Live you might get a wrong idea about this album, but an album full of songs like this would get them a bigger target group... But its only one facet of their sound, so don't get fooled! The closer is a cover of Bjrk's Army Of Me, a song which has been covered several times already. As you might expect, Proghma-C is doing it their own way!
Proghma-C aren't taking the easy way, coz their unique sound will be too bulky for many. Progressive sounds combined with harsh shouts or melancholy vocals, atmospheric soundscapes with staccato riffing. It's the contrast of the sound elements which is somehow fascinating, but also limits the number of music lovers they will win over with Bar-Do Travel.

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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