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On disc: PowerWorld

PowerWorld - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars
Human Parasite - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars
Cybersteria - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(SPV - 2013)

PowerWorld are back with Cybersteria, an album which isn't a conceptual album, but the songs are about internet and how much people give away about themselves in cyber space.

They kick off with Children Of The Universe, a slightly dark heavy rocker with a melodic hook line. Singer Michael Bormann's voice fits well to the songs of Ilker Ersin's PowerWorld which has a completely new line-up. For Slave To The PowerWorld has spiced up with one with hard rock-ish passages and fast power metal-like parts. At World Knows Your Secrets – Virtuality they add another flavor, they get a little prog-ish, but due to Michael Bormann's vocals it's still a catchy melodic rocker. They slow down for Coast Of Tears, at least for the first part! It's another tune with tempi changes and big backings. One of my favorites is the up-tempo rocker Like A Shadow, like many other tracks it has different flavors and reminds me a bit of Pretty Maids here and there... The title track Cybersteria is a good one, but in my opinion not the strongest tune of the album.

Fans of PowerWorld or melodic metal with twists and turns will love Cybersteria, so go and check it out!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


Human Parasite

Human Parasite
(SPV - 2010)

Bassist Ilker Ersin started PowerWorld after he left Freedom Call, their self-titled debut album was released in 2008 and now they have a new album called Human Parasite. But the band has been through some changes. On the debut Steffen Brunner was their singer, now ex-Sargant Fury, ex-Threshold singer Andrew 'Mac' McDermott joined PowerWorld. On drums at the album you hear Subway To Sally drummer Simon Michael who only joined them in the studio, their new drummer is Achim Keller.

The new PowerWorld album kicks off with drums leading you into Cleansed By Fire, and right from the start it's obvious that Mac's distinguish voice is helping PowerWorld to separate themselves from genre colleagues. A bit like a mix of Sargant Fury with a dash Threshold embedded in the PowerWorld sound. The opener is a catchy melodic power metal track with some neo-classical guitar play by Barish Kepic. A riff-based one is Stand Up, a mid-paced rocker with a splash of 90's melodic metal. The opening of Evil In Me seems to be inspired by some classic piece, but in combination with heavy riffs and the unique vocals this tune is a real metal track. A true earcatcher. The vocal line reminds me a bit of Eagle... As I love the Sargant Fury version, I won't complain. At Time Will Change keyboarder Nils Neumann adds some memorable passages, but also supports Kepic's guitar play. The title track Human Parasite offers some up-tempo parts, mid-paced passages and a hymn-like refrain. The short instrumental Hope leads you into East Comes To West. It's no surprise that some Oriental sounding elements are embedded, but again you get up-tempo passages, catchy harmony vocals - and more. The fast guitar-driven Children Of The Future is probably a surprise, but you also get mid-tempo riff-based parts. A sonic roller coaster ride. With Caught In Your Web they will hook you up and you will be caught in their web of infectious melodies. Same but different is Tame Your Demons where Ilker's bass is more prominent then on any other song. Balladesque opens Might Of Secrets, but then becomes a balladesque rocker which will enchant you. The closer is a fast track with a symphonic edge and it's called King For A Day. This album will stay not just a day in my player!

PowerWorld show more diversity on the new album and now they have a charismatic singer in the band which ennobles the tracks - and makes them differ from other genre acts. Personally I'm glad that Mac is back, coz I would have missed this voice! And I can't wait to see them play these songs live!

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt



(Metal Heaven - 2008)

Bassist Ilker Ersin was a part of Freedom Call for several years, now he has own band PowerWorld. The other members of PowerWorld are keyboarder Nils Neumann, former At Vance drummer Jürgen Lucas, singer Steffen Brunner and ex-Jaded Heart guitarist Barish Kepic. If you now expect something which roughly is sounding like these bands, well then you aren't that wrong.

The first look at the track list made me wonder, several songs have titles which I already know from other artists like Fight Fire With Fire from Kansas and Metallica, Breaking The Silence from Heathen and Queensrÿche... Dancing With Angels from Lisa Loeb.... The Dark let me think of Metal Church... But only I Died In Your Arms is a cover of Cutting Crew's hit.

With thunder they kick off... Somehow threatening and with a symphonic touch they start The Dark, the intro which leads into Creatures. Creatures is a fast, melodic riff-based tune, but has heavy mid-tempo parts. The vocals of Steffen Brunner have a slight 80's touch and the mighty choirs also remind me of the late 80's... The keyboard seems to be inspired by Stratovarius' Jen Johansson's play. The refrains are very catchy and you can sing along almost immediately. With Lake Of Eternity they slow down a little... The song is a bit darker - partly. As soon as they start with the backings it's more happy metal. Mid-paced starts Fight Fire With Fire and even if Steffen Brunner has a powerful clear voice, I think the song would have more power if he wouldn't hit the high notes... Guitarist Barish Kepic shows his skill with fast riffs and licks. Dancing With Angels sticks out a bit as it starts slow and balladesque, but gets more heavy and powerful later. A mid-paced rocker. I always liked (I Just) Died In Your Arms and so I was curious how this song will sound in the PowerWorld style. They keep close to the original, just more guitar-based. But the vocals don't touch me, not like the original. And during the refrain I'm almost skip to the next tune. Well, their version is good, but I'm too much into the original.

A good album with a powerful production which should be interesting for all fans of melodic (speed) metal and this so called happy metal... Everybody who likes bands like Stratovarius, Gamma Ray, Freedom Call and Sonata Arctica who also likes some mid-tempo tunes should give this album a try!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt

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