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On stage: Pink Cream 69

- Pink Cream 69 - Nov. 1993 - Bochum (D) -
- W.O.A. - Aug. 2000 - Wacken (D) -
- Metal DayZ - June 2000 - Pratteln (CH) -
- RockHard Festival - May 2004 - Gelsenkirchen (D) -
- Masters Of Rock - July 2007 - Vizovice (CZ) -
- Pink Cream 69 & Freedom Call - Oct. 2007 - Aschaffenburg (D) -

Pink Cream 69 & Freedom Call
- October, 5th 2007 - Aschaffenburg (D), Colos-Saal -

Every melodic metal fan should be happy with this package and enjoy an evening with Pink Cream 69 and Freedom Call. And with Mad Max doing an acoustic set they get even more value for money. But unfortunately I missed Mad Max due to a traffic jam.
But I was there in time for Freedom Call who started their set with Warriors. Live the happy metallers are always very good, even if sometimes a bit too happy for me. And hey guys, be a bit more creative next time when you name a song. ;)
Singer Chris Bay and his band had a bit more time, this was a double headliner tour and so they had more then 70 minutest to party. It was hot and they rocked the house! Time was flying and too soon they started Freedom Call and Taragon and I got aware that I forgot to take notes. With We Are One they finished their set and the break was welcome to recover a bit before Pink Cream 69 will enter the stage.
The guys opened up with Children Of The Dawn of their latest release In10sity. Again David Readman showed that he is one of the best singers in Germany these days - and a charismatic frontman. It always strikes me how guitarist Alfred Koffler handled the challenge to re-learn playing guitar after suffering from neuropathy. PC69 played only a few tracks from their new album and presented the fans a lot of old tunes - also from Deris-era! And it was fun to hear Readman sing e.g Hell's Gone Crazy and Talk To The Moon. To give the fans a short break they played One Step Into Paradise and Don't Let It Slip Away acoustically. The later was released on Readman's solo album and during the song he forgot parts of the lyrics and just tried to get over it. It made everybody smile, things like this can happen live, so... A few more and it was time for them to go, but first they presented a Police / Bob Marley medley off So Lonely / No Woman No Cry.
No idea why some fans left after Freedom Call or why PC69 didn't play a few more songs... But it was a great night of melodic metal!


Children Of The Dawn
Do You Like It Like That
Hellīs Gone Crazy
Lost In Illusion
Iīm Not Afraid Anymore
Talk To The Moon
Carnaby Road
Shame On You
Welcome The Night
One Step Into Paradise (acoustic)
Donīt Let It Slip Away (acoustic)
Seas Of Madness
No Way Out
Keep Your Eye On The Twisted
So Lonely / No Woman, No Cry / So Lonely

Monika Schmidt


Pink Cream 69
- November, 21st 1993 - Bochum (D), Zeche -

On a fucking cold Sunday evening about 700 people found their way to the Bochum Zeche. Pink Cream 69, one of Germanys toughest bands, showed up as part of their headlining tour. Through many gigs the band had the experience to show a professional concert, the guys have the routine, but they aren't boring routines.
The tight rhythm section with Kosta Zafirio on drums with a heavy drum sound and bassist Dennis Ward, who show competence on the four-strings. The guitar work of Alfred 'Koffl' Koffler had class and his feeling for heavy riffs fits exactly in the band. Shouter Andi Deris is a good performer with a characteristic voice and he built up a relation with the audience.
The set was a cross-section of the three releases. The boys played from their debut songs like One Step Into Paradise and Rolling Down A Thunder (in a acoustic version). Also they played faster tracks like Hell's Gone Crazy and the ballad Where The Eagle Learns To Fly. 'Koffl' was on the fast tracks a little bit too fast and at slow or acoustic songs you hear the strain of a tour. The followers celebrate the new tunes like the old ones and sung a long with. The Pinkies presented new ones like Face In The Mirror, Dying Century and Keep Your Eye On The Twisted. Even if the people yelled for the reggae, the band ain't play it any longer and so they did a cover of a Rolling Stones classical Jumpin' Jack Flash sung by Dennis. The band as well as the audience enjoyed the event and hopefully it won't take about two years until the guys hit the roads again.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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