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In Words: Prime Suspect

- Daniele Liverani - March 2011 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Prime Suspect
© Prime Suspect

Daniele Liverani - March 1st 2011 (by email)

Daniele Liverani is a workaholic it seems, Twinspirits' album on the way and Prime Suspect, his other band, released their debut not too long ago. As Prime Suspect is a new band, it's time to learn a bit more about them. Thanks to mastermind Daniele Liverani for answering my questions!

Please tell us how Prime Suspect came to life! And why you choose the name Prime Suspect?

Prime Suspect was born back in 2009 as a result of Khymera split. My adventure (and Dario and Tommy adventure) with the Khymera team came to an end and I really wanted to continue to express myself into a melodic rock / AOR type of music. So I decided to put together a line-up to continue on that thread of music, basically we are 3/5 of Khymera (me, Dario and Tommy) so there are similarities, but overall the style is not the same, especially because of the fact that I wrote almost the songs this time.

Twinspirits is the latest band / musical home, but has a more progressive sound, with Prime Suspect you are pursuing a more hard rock melodic metal sound. Why did you decide to go a different musical way now? Well, kinda return to a sound closer to Khymera again...

I never approached as a producer / performer / songwriter melodic rock / AOR style until I got the chance of making the first Khymera together with Steve Walsh of Kansas on vocals and Dario Ciccioni on drums. After that release and the other 2 Khymera releases I found out that I was inspired by that style of music. So the main reason why I've been approaching the AOR style is probably the Khymera experience opportunity that gave me the chance to experiment myself into that style for the first time.

How much does writing songs differ from Twinspirits? Or Genius Rock Opera? And do you know right from the start what band it will be for?

Well... Except Khymera and Prime Suspect, all my other projects are very spontaneous and really identify me with no rules or restrictions. Of course Prime Suspect is something that needs to be approached in a certain way, it's melodic rock song oriented, you can't write a 30 min suite for this band. But usually when I write I try to be very free from the final destination of the song I'm writing. I have a list of songs I write spontaneously and then I try to find what kind of project / band could fit for the song.

What inspires you in general? Musically and lyrically?

I'm very attracted from human behaviors, psychology and all runs around the feelings of human beings. I'm very inspired from all what I can observe in life, both inside of me and outside of me.

You joined forces with the German singer Olaf Sinkbeil who seems to be perfect for the sound. How do you got in touch?

Well, we needed a very clean tone, with a great melodic sense for this album, I and the guys at Frontiers records made some brainstorming and finally Olaf's name came out, he was available for the project, so we just started to work together and the rest you can here on the album.

Will you do a video clip? Which song will would you like to visualize?

Well, nothing planned at the moment, but I do thing that a video of Change This World would be very nice. It's a very visionary song and would fit a futuristic video clip!

You got a helping hand from Swedish songwriter Christian Wolff who contributed 2 songs. Running out of ideas? Or looking for some suitable additions to offer a larger variety?

Frontiers submitted me the 2 songs that Christian Wolff offered for the album, and they really sounded amazing to me. I was very happy to include them, since I really said all I wanted to in the other 9 songs...and of course some additional songwriting from a talented external can bring more interest into the album for sure!

Can you imagine to create another rock opera one day? Or would you like try something totally different?

I think from time to time about a new rock opera, but it's been such a huge project / work to complete the Genius trilogy, and sometimes I get scared about getting involved in a project like that! But at the moment I have some new ideas project to realize, so no rock opera for a while.

The new Twinspirits album is in stores, so it seems you've been pretty busy in 2010, what's the next project on your schedule? Beside doing promotion for the two releases....

I'm getting back to guitar finally, I'm working on a new guitar solo instrumental album that will be called Eleven Mysteries that will be hopefully completed in the second half of 2011, and will feature some very interesting new talents from Italy and abroad. Expect something very fresh and full of energy from those new talents!!

Looks like it won't take long til we hear more from the Italian keyboarder / guitarist...

Claudia Ehrhardt


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