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On disc: Poison

- Poison'd! - Claudia Ehrhardt - 5 stars
- Seven Days Live - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Seven Days Live

Seven Days Live
(Armoury Records - 2008)

Finally the recording of Poison's London Hammersmith Apollo show at April, 23rd 1993 - Native Tongue tour - sees the light of day on CD. Real Poison fans will know the video and the later released DVD, this time you get the whole show. Its a historical recording as it's the only one with guitarist Richie Kotzen and shows the American rockers presenting a decent set with some classics. The CD has 16 songs plus a drum solo of Rikki Rockett. They kick of the set with The Scream off Native Tongue. And they continue with a track from Native Tongue before deliver Ride The Wind off Flesh & Blood. Even as they were out promoting their latest album, they played quite a few songs from their previous recordings like Fallen Angel and Look What The Cat Dragged In. Live Poison sounded a bit rougher then on disc and this recording shows this very well. Bret Michaels' vocals are up front and you can understand every single word, but the backings sound a bit muddy and a should be more powerful. But that's criticism on a high level, coz the instruments are well leveled and crystal clear, so the only complain sound-wise is the backings. Poison was one of the bands touring their asses off and so they include short improvisations / jams and Michaels is communicating with the fans between the songs. If the first songs didn't get you then the boogie-based Your Mamma Don't Dance should move you! Simply good time rock! And it doesn't matter that this is a cover version, coz it fits well to Poison. After Body Talk they slow down a bit for Something To Believe In and they start Stand also acoustically, but later add some electric guitar. I'm a fan of drums, but I wouldn't have missed this drum solo... Not bad played and live it might looked good, but it's not working on disc, sorry. But towards the end of the set they present their hits! They finish their set with Nothin' But A Good Time and it seems that fans and band had a damn good time!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt



(EMI America Rec. - 2007)

It seems that cover albums are popular at the moment. Well, Poison decided to return to the scene with a cover album called Poison’d!. The album has 13 songs recorded by the four-some and offers some unexpected tunes - see track list below.
Even if Sweet's Little Willy seems to be an obvious choice, the song don't blow me away. More interesting in my opinion is Suffragette City which shows the David Bowie track in the glam metal sound of Poison. But everybody who loves the original song should skip this one. Same for Alice Cooper fans, the song can't stand the comparison with Alice Cooper's original. Actually they are stronger when performing songs you might not expect from them like I Need To Know (Tom Petty) and Can't You See by The Marshall Tucker Band. Their version on Dead Flowers isn't sounding as dirty as when The Rolling Stones play it. And isn't the dirty sound of The Rolling Stones what makes them big? Kiss' Rock And Roll All Nite works very well, but that song is one which seems to be their inspiration for their debut. Same with Loggins & Messina's You're Mama Don't Dance - this is fun, even if I miss the energy they have live...
My resume: Half of the songs are quite good, but the others I tend to skip... It's a so-so album, it has it's moments, but is it worth buying? Well, if you get it as a bargain, then buy it. If not, well... There are better albums to spend money on!

Track list:

Little Willy (Sweet)
Suffragette City (David Bowie)
I Never Cry (Alice Cooper)
I Need to Know (Tom Petty)
Can't You See (The Marshall Tucker Band)
What I Like About You (The Romantics)
Dead Flowers (Rolling Stones)
Just What I Needed (The Cars)
Rock And Roll All Nite (Kiss)
Squeeze Box (The Who)
You Don't Mess Around With Jim (Jim Croce)
You're Mama Don't Dance (Loggins & Messina)
We're An American Band (Grand Funk Railroad)

5 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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