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In Words: Pride

- Ivan Gunn - July 2001 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Ivan Gunn (by email) - July 2001

The melodic metal fans will know Balance Of Power and might remember Ivan Gunn, everybody else can learn about BOP and Ivan's new band Pride!

Ivan, please tell us what happened after you left Balance Of Power! The other band members are nobodies to us. Where do you found them? What have they done before Pride?

Mat Mitchell - previously in a band called Airport which was very popular on a national level, before that Mind with Rik Eade & Chris Green. Mat also has done a solo album - These Walls. Chris Green was previously in Mind with Rik and Mat, before that he was with Hugo. Simon Farmers was in Delta Red who did a very successful CD. Adrian Johnson was with Catch 22 and Spreadeagle. Rik Eade (ex-Strangeworld) was an Mauso­leum artist and was also in Mind.

Why do you named the band "Pride"?

Pride is what we feel with our music, we are like a family too like a pride.

Your new material sounds different to what you've done in the past with Balance Of Power. Is Pride's music what you always had in mind and couldn't realize with BOP?

I love the wording of this question! It's exactly the way to describe the BOP struggle. Pride is my heart, my soul, my everything musically!

As far as I know is the album just released in Europe. Have you found a label / distribution deal for the USA? Or Japan? What about South America?

Currently negotiation for Japan & USA. Any suggestions for South America?! (Let me think about... C.E.)

The album is produced by Pete Coleman. Was Coleman your first choice?

Pete Coleman was my first choice. He is awesome, a real genius and a great guy. We will be working with him again in future!

How does it come that he produced the album? There was no label support and Coleman is a well-known producer...

I have had in my past to work with Pete for a long time, so I sent him our demo's for his feedback. He truly loved the songs and wanted to work on it. So he got the job. If you want the best you must pay for it I believe. In Pride 100%, so I went for it! Best studio, best producer....

Who did the cover artwork? What's the idea behind it?

Martin Burridge did the artwork. He also did the Cornerstone cover. He is from Copenhagen! The picture re­presents danger and safety, all in one! Pride's music is a safe haven in an emotional storm.

On the compilation CD of the German magazine "Hammer" there is the track Hold On. Was it your choice?

Hold On was Pride's choice. It was the first ever Pride song.

What band / musicians inspired you? Made you start making music?

Journey was a huge influence on my! Jonathan Chain rocks! Greg Guiffria, David Rosenthal, honest people few and far between.

Do you have a homepage? I just found a website of a Danish band called Pride...

A homepage is under construction. Be patient!

What do you think about MP3?

MP3 worries me a little. Bands work hard for people to hear for free. Could be a great idea, but has been abused. Technically a great concept though.

What can we expect from Pride in future? Any plans for touring?

Pride's future... Currently writing the new album, it's gonna be awesome. We are ready to tour at 1 seconds notice, so, I am bugging Harry at Point Music... Also some USA things are on the table. Pride wants to play live, learn, grow into the best we can be as people and as musicians. Hopefully to produce the most honest and personal music we can, so people can connect with it on a "real" level.

So, it's wait and see and probably we will see them soon in some clubs here and there...

Claudia Ehrhardt


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