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On disc: Powerage

- Business Toys - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Business Toys

Business Toys
(Connected - 1999)

If you think of AC/DC's album Powerage, your on the right track! The quintet from Fürth in Germany formed the band in 1984 and named it after an album of their favourite band..... So what to expect? It's hard rock in the tradition of the guys from down under.In 1985 the band release Too Much For Your Brain which is now an collector's item! Soon the band good a reputation as a very good live band in Southern Germany! After line-up changes the band released in 1991 Down'n'Dirty at a small independent label. With the 1994 release Branded Skin the band proofed everyone wrong who thought that they are just AC/DC clones! The band still played a lot live, also cover shows and the fans asked for a live album! With Motorcycle Dreams the guys released a live album with cover versions and 2 own songs in 1996. Their way to say thank you to all the fans, especially the bikers! Business Toys is their latest release and continues what they started with Branded Skin. Don't expect radical changes, they are still playing hard rock like their favourites from Australia! A very good album...... If you still like this kind of music, you won't be disappointed!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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