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On disc: Poison Sun

Virtual Sin - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars

Virtual Sin

Virtual Sin
(Metal Heaven - 2010)

Poison Sun is the band of Herman Frank and Martina Frank, the line-up is completed by bassist Stefan Hammer and drummer Florian Schönweitz - both members of Silent Decay. Herman Frank isn't a nobody and everybody who know his previous work will know what to expect. Heavy metal. Martina has a dark timbre, a powerful voice and reminds me a bit of Lee Aaron and Gudrun Laos, sounds a bit like Melissa Etherigde singing a heavy metal tune.
The opener Voodoo gives a first impression of Poison Sun. After the catch rocker they speed up a bit for Red Necks. At Hitman they make me think of Rock Goddess, anybody remembering the girls? But then the song change a bit and you get an Accept-ish refrain. Time to push down the accelerator for Rider In The Storm which make me think one more time of Laos. A riff-based rocker which features a short guitar solo and a catchy refrain. But I would wish Martina's voice would be a bit more up-front. The title track Virtual Sin has a dash of Southern rock in it while Princess is based on a heavy groove. A song which soon make you sing along. A real surprise is the Pointer Sisters cover Excited, a song almost everybody will know. The metal version is fun, but during the chorus Martina Frank can't carry the load alone. Usually it's 3 voices to give the chorus the power it needs. And again Martina's voice isn't loud enough, she is almost drowning in the music. The closer is a powerful semi-ballad called Forever, which has a symphonic touch and expressive vocals.
Perhaps a bit more variety would have done the album good... The songs are a bit too much alike, but well... I would have liked to the vocals a bit more up-front. Fans of heavy metal should head over to the bands MySpace and check out Virtual Sin!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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