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On disc: Positive Strike

Positive Strike - Carsten Bahr - 7 stars

Positive Strike

Positive Strike
(Horror Biz Records - 2010)

Positive Strike are presenting their self-titled debut after releasing a demo called Break Out and being part of some compilations. Musically the guys offer some old school hardcore and they are obviously admire bands like Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All and Madball. You'll also notice a dash of Cro-Mags in the bands' songs and at groove parts they sound a bit Biohazard-ish. Not just the music is fine old school hardcore, also the cover shows their affection for the music. They are straight forward and present their songs without any rubbish. They storm off, firing fat riffs with a heavy groove at you. Be cautious! To make the songs more memorable they add some passages to shout a long (Do You Care) and with their positive energy they will hook you up. The production is authentic with it's rawness, they didn't try to polish off any rough edges and so the album sound is close to their live sound. You can feel the adrenaline, you can almost see them sweating while firing off. This is a nice surprise, a positive strike of old school hardcore. My only criticism is that towards the end the album gets a bit too samey - and a running time of 23 minutes (14 tracks plus intro) is a bit meager.

7 stars

Carsten Bahr
(translation: Claudia Ehrhardt)


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