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On disc: Pavlov's Dog

Live And Unleashed - Claudia Ehrhardt - 9 stars

Live And Unleashed

Live And Unleashed
(Rockville Music - 2011)

After almost 36 years in the business David Surkamp and Pavlov's Dog present their first live album. The album was recorded during the 2009 European tour and features tracks from their long history as well as songs from the 2010 release Echo & Boo - and more.
With Preludin the folk prog rock septet opens up. David Surkamp, his wife Sara and their mates take you onto a trip back in time with The Once And Future Kings. The songs on Live And Unleashed are heavy and emotional. Especially Breaking Ice which they dedicated to Sigfried Carver, a member of Pavlov's Dog in the early days, who died 2009. After the powerful rocker they ease off a bit for I Don't Need Magic Anymore, a song which becomes special due to David Surkamp's unique voice. But the tight performance of the band is what does the trick, the perfect harmony is creating a special magic. One of the highlights is Heart Of Mine, a song Surkamp recorded with Hifi, the band he and Ian Matthews were having in the 80's. Others are Looking For My Shadows of Surkamp's 2006 solo album Dancing On The Edge Of A Teacup. And with Wrong the present one more track off that solo album. Towards the end it's time for the ballads Standing Here With You (Megan's Song) and Angel's Twilight Jump, the later one is the closer.
Actually every song is a highlight on its own, so it's just a matter of taste which are your highlights! At Live And Unleashed Pavlov's Dog show that they still alive and kickin', the band is tight, the songs sound homogenous, so we can just hope that Pavlov's Dog will stick around for several more years! At least this album is finally demonstrating their live qualities - now only a live DVD is missing... But perhaps they plan this to celebrate their 40th anniversary...

Track list:

Of Once And Future Kings
Breaking Ice (Dedicated To Sigfried Carver)
I Don't Need Magic Anymore
Heart Of Mine
Late November
Not By My Side
Theme From Subway Sue
I Love You Still
Gold Nuggets
Looking For My Shadow
Standing Here With You (Megan's Song)
Angel's Twilight Jump

9 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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