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On disc: Pospolite Ruszenie

Swiebodnosc - Claudia Ehrhardt - 8 stars


(self-released - 2011)

I'm glad I'm writing this and not have to talk about this Polish band on the radio, coz I have no clue how to pronounce it. Well, as it's about the music, let's get into detail. Pospolite Ruszenie is combining medieval music with rock in a very organic way. It's almost like someone made a time travel... At the opening track Zoltarz Jezusów, czyli Jezusa Judasz (means: Jesus Betrayed by Judas) you hear medieval folk played with modern instrumentation, spiced up with bag pipes and other instruments of that era. Pospolite Ruszenie is bringing together members of Open Folk, Illuminandi and Rumor, and they bring together the different sounds. In many folk metal bands I miss heaviness, at some the medieval folk elements are too little, but this sextet is really melting together the genres - and they do that on a high level. The lyrics are taken from old Polish poetry which fit well to the concept of the music. Personally I like the fact that they use Polish lyrics, even if some might complain that they don't understand a word... But from a few words you can understand you know that it's Christian lyrics. Niescie chwale, Mocarze is the second tune and you can check out the track by watching the video:

It's obvious that this band enjoys playing this kind of music. At this one some harsh vocals are added and together with the heavy riffs this one really shows a metallic edge. The last one is called Pan Bóg Wszechmogacy, it has an ecclesiastical edge due to the vocals. Well done!

The artwork is matching the music and seems to be taken from an old painting... But I can't be sure about that. So, if you like this kind of music, head over to the bands website and download the 3-track EP for free! Head over to!

8 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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