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On disc: Alan Parsons

Eye To Eye - Live in Madrid - Claudia Ehrhardt - 6 stars

Eye To Eye - Live in Madrid

Eye To Eye - Live in Madrid
(Frontiers Records - 2010)

Alan Parsons is a renown producer and engineer, got Grammy nominations and released several album on his own. Later he started playing live with his Alan Parsons Live Project. The concert was recorded in Madrid for a CD and DVD release back in March 2004 in Madrid at Plaza Major. Finally Eye To Eye will hit the stores.
Mr. Parsons and his band kick off with I Robot. Actually I'm not a friend of instrumentals as opening tracks, so I'm not too happy with I Robot as opener. The track Don't Answer Me was one of Parsons hits, but beside the muddy drum sound the songs sounds lifeless... The band plays tight, but e.g. at Breakdown / The Raven the vocals are too low in the mix. Perhaps to cover the flaws of the live performance... By the way, everybody in the Alan Parsons Live Project take over vocal parts. Towards the end of the tune the lead vocals do a bit better. Psychobabble would have been perfect to rock a little, but it's too tame... Damned If I Do is a cool song with symphonic sounds and quite keyboard-laden. The guitar solo is almost drowning in keyboards... The vocals lack emotions, aren't very expressive and so the song can't hook you up. Even if they improve at the 2nd half of the song - vocally - a pity! The emotional Don't Let It Show is one of the highlights. Sirius / Eye In The Sky was another highlight, again too tame, but well... The closer Games People Play showed the band more vivid and it shows that they can do better!
Alan Parsons live... I think fans who saw them live at that time or enjoyed other shows of APP might dig the album. The sound quality isn't the best, especially when you take in account that Alan Parsons is a Grammy nominated engineer.

6 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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