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In Words: Persuader

- Emil Norberg - Jan. 2004 - Claudia Ehrhardt -

Emil Norberg - January, 21st 2004

With the Young Metal Gods contest a few new bands step into the day light. One of the five finalists was Pesuader, a young Swedish quartet. The band was founded back in 1997 somewhere in Northern Sweden. Guitarist Emil told me - even if he wasn't in the band at that time - about their band name "The band took is from some TV game - Nintendo or so - there was a character which could persuade people to do things. No deeper meaning." At least it tells that someone in the band likes that kind of games. In 1999 they got signed by Loud'n Proud label after the got good critics for their demo Visions And Dreams. Their debut The Hunter got released through Loud'n Proud and got good critics. Unfortunately it just made it into the stores in France, coz the label went bankrupt. "We get emails from fans who ask us where they can get our debut. We know that many people would appreciate it, but at the moment I can't say anything, but there are talks about a re-release. If it'll happen or when... No idea." Especially when more people new about Persuader after the release of Evolution Purgatory. That's the title of their new album and the first one Emil is playing on, coz replaced Pekka Kiviaho after the band lost their deal in 2001. "Jens and I were at the same high school and we graduated together. We first met at school were we came together with some friends to play a gig, some cover tunes. I just remember that we played Europe's The Final Countdown." Sure, you first ask someone you know, instead of placing ads. And it worked out fine. Musically they play melodic power metal and the vocals remind of Blind Guardan's Hansi Kürsch. "I like the voice of Hansi Kürsch, but I like even more Jens' voice. I think it's positive, even if people compare us with Blind Guardian when it's about the vocals." In their music are some influences audible... Like Helloween from their Keepers-era. "When I first started playing guitar I listened a lot to Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Jason Becker, etc. But it got boring after a while. Now I listen to bands like Pantera, Nevermore and a lot more." Influences their transform and which in a way or another find it's way into their music. The album was produced by Piet Sielck who did again a good job. The title Evolution Purgatory has a kind of deeper meaning and it fits to the lyrics. "It means something like maybe we have to destroy ourselves to move forward. Take a look at the world, all the wars, pollution... We destroy the world, us... To move forward." I think metal fans like that, coz after awhile all the knights & dragon-type of lyrics get boring. Even if it ain't their aim to do socio-critical lyrics, some serious topics will be touched. The album will be out in February and at the moment the band has to wait what comes next. "Christine from Sanctuary Records called me up in a guitar lesson and told me that we are in the finals of Young Metal Gods. We all were surprised and happy. We wanted to use this chance and decided to do as much songs as possible. We started writing. In Bochum we just wanted to do our thing. We wanted to do the best we can." Not easy to compete live with bands who partly play other music. At least it comes to what the jury, the listeners like more, coz all 5 bands were the best bands in their countries - from the ones who took part. "Everybody was pretty happy about our show, but we don't think that we did a good show..." The band - every band in such a situation - is under pressure and without a lot of live experience you concentrate on playing. But that's okay. As long as the album isn't in the stores and there are any sales figures the band has to wait to find out what's coming next for them. "Well, we'll play 2 festivals in Sweden. We are confirmed for Sweden Rock Festival and Decibel 2000. We hope that when the album is out, that we get more festivals to play this summer." And so they also have to wait, if there will be a tour or not. Everything is up in the air. I wanted to know, if there are any bands they would like to tour with... "It would be cool to tour with Nocturnal Rites, coz their are good friends." Not just good friends, coz Emil's brother is playing in Nocturnal Rites. "Or Nevermore... Gamma Ray... Any band we fit to which has a larger audience, so we can reach more people. We don't care that much about the musical genre." They want to play live, but beside a kind of promotion gig in Stockholm nothing is confirmed. "If you try it's possible to play Malmö, Gothenburg and some other places. But it ain't easy." Everybody can find out the latest news on the bands website "The website isn't done by us as a band, but we give the information. Actually some guy did the website and offered himself as a webmaster. On the page are latest news, biographies of the band members and some more in-depth information. And there are also sound pieces of some songs to check them out." For the youngsters the internet is important and they can see the positive effect. They aren't totally against mp3 files, but criticizes burning CDs. Especially for a young band it can mean the loss of the deal when they don't sell enough albums, coz people burn them. If you want to check some tracks out, listen to the sound files or go to your local record store and check it out there. "My favorite tracks are at the moment To The End and Godfather." And so another Swedish band is on their way into the metal world. Let's see, if the metal scene is ready for Persuader.

Claudia Ehrhardt


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