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On stage: Pure Inc.

- Masterplan, Circle II Circle,
   Rob Rock & Pure Inc.
- Apr. 2005 - Langen (D) -
- Pure Inc. - May 2006 - Cologne (D) -
- Jørn, Pure Inc. & Triosphere - Nov. 2008 - Bochum (D) -

Pure Inc. - May, 17th 2006 - Cologne (D), Hard Rock Café

The Swiss Pure Inc. should play a few shows with The Traceelords and this was the first one. Unfortunately they haven't been well promoted and so not many people were expected by the band. I learnt about the show through a friend, thanks for the information! I saw them first at last years tour with Masterplan and Circle II Circle, and it was good to see them again. Tonight at the Hard Rock Café they show was for free and so everybody hoped that some people will just walk in and like what they hear. Actually I was only there to see the Swiss foursome, The Traceelords aren't my cup of tea, so to speak.
Pure Inc live in Cologne - SandroSinger Gianni Pontillo and his mates started off with Saviour off - the opener of their new album New Days Dawn. Their heavy rock has a touch of alternative and some guitar riffs are almost new metal-like. The voice of singer Gianni has some similarities to Chris Cornell and again he did an excellent job. Most came to see The Traceelords and so Pure Inc. had to fight for attention, even if a few rock fans there seemed to knew the Swiss. Pure Inc. were out to promote their latest release and so most songs - like the title track, Blvd. Jam, I'm A Rolling Stone and Burst - were taken off New Days's Dawn. Pure Inc live in Cologne - GianniThe middle part of the set was acoustic which was really good and very suitable for this location. But it seems that most didn't were up to some acoustic songs... A pity. But soon they returned to their heavy guitar-driven sound and it seems that the stage was too small for them. They really enjoyed playing live and so they ended their set with Fear My Eyes of their self-titled debut. A catchy song which probably earlier in the set would have caught peoples attention...
Before it was time to leave they offered a cover version - Led Zepplin's Immigrant Song! A song which most bands wouldn't dare to cover, but they did very well - and in their own way. Well done!

Claudia Ehrhardt


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