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On disc: Prym

- Demo 2007 - Claudia Ehrhardt - 7 stars

Demo 2007

Demo 2007
(self-released - 2007)

The Hungarian band - living in Transilvania - started back in 2004 as Cradle My Darling and released an album of cover versions called Stolen in 2005. After a line-up change and a break due to personal problems they re-started in 2006 as Prym and in early 2007 they recorded this 4-track demo.
With an intro the Hungarian kick off slowly with acoustic guitars. But towards the end of Intro they go full speed ahead - at least for a moment, then back to mid-tempo... A bit doomy. Intro leads into Dreams Of The One which is a fast mid-tempo tune with breaks and progressive elements. On top of it the warm, deep voice of Muresan Rka which adds an emotionality to the song. Nice guitar solo parts - one more rock like, the other pure metal, but both aren't show of ego! The track Prym is starting slowly, then become a riff-based up-tempo tune for awhile then more solemn. Muresan tries some high notes, but there she has to improve and get more power, but nothing to complain about the deeper vocals. Nice prog metal tune. At Watching The Void its again the higher notes where she lacks the power, but she tries to offer a variety and it seems to me that Muresan only needs more experience and perhaps some guidance.... Musically they take care that they can show their talent, but only in a song supporting way. At the end they slow down and it slowly fades out... The last track is called ...Of Lead and is a a bit heavy and the vocals partly have an aggressive edge. Sharp riffs are dominating this one. A sharp contrast to the mainly smooth vocals. Perhaps the best song of Prym so far...
What counts are the songs - and they are quite good -, but unfortunately the sound quality isn't very good. On the other hand this is a demo and so the songs are what matters, coz with a proper production they will sound better. It's a pity that the sound quality isn't better, coz so the songs don't really have a chance to shine... Sure, there are things to overdo and perhaps some changes would do the songs good, but it's their first demo, so let's see what they have to offer next time!

7 stars

Claudia Ehrhardt


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