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Band Origin Style CD/
Interv.  Live Specials
Cadaveres Hungary Neo Thrash CD
Cadaveria Italy Horror Metal CD
Caesar's Rome Great Britain Post Rock CD
Caffery, Chris USA Power Metal CD interview live
Cage USA Power Metal CD interview live
Cain's Offering Finland Melodic Speed Metal CD
Caliban Germany MetalCore live
Calm Hatchery Poland Death Metal CD
Camel Great Britain Prog Rock interview
Candiria USA Metal Jazz HipHop HC CD interview
Candlemass Sweden Doom Metal CD live
Cannibal Corpse USA Death Metal CD live
Cannon Germany Heavy Metal CD interview
Cans Sweden Heavy Metal CD interview live
Canvas Solaris USA MathProg CD
Canyon Of The Skull USA Doom Metal CD
Cappanera Italy Heavy Metal CD
Capricorn Germany Thrash Metal CD
Car Bomb USA Thrash Metal CD
Carnal Forge Sweden Thrash Metal CD
Casanova Germany Hard Rock CD
Castero Irland Metal CD
Castle USA Dark Metal CD
Catamenia Finland Metal CD interview
Catena France 70's Hard Rock CD
Cathedral Great Britain Doom Metal CD live
Catley, Bob Great Britain Hard Rock CD
Cauldron Canada Heavy Metal CD live
Cavalera Conspiracy USA Groove Metal CD
Cave, Nick
& The Bad Seeds
Australia Garage Rock CD
Caveman Cult USA Blackish War Death Metal CD
Celtic Frost Switzerland Avantgarde Metal CD interview
Cemetary 1213 Sweden Electro Death Metal CD
Centaur Germany Heavy Metal CD
Central Park Germany Prog Rock CD
Century Germany Gothic Rock CD
Century USA MathCore CD
Chained Sweden Groove Metal CD
Châlice Germany Hard Rock CD
Chapel Canada Heavy Metal CD
Charisma Finland Rock CD
Charming Grace Italy AOR CD
Charn Germany Space Metal CD
Charon Finland Gothic Metal CD interview
Chasma USA Cascadian Black Metal CD
Chastain USA US Metal CD
Chickenfoot USA Rock CD
Children Of Bodom Finland Thrash'n'Death CD live
Children Of Technology Italy Punk Metal CD
special tip Child Saint USA Doom Metal CD
China Switzerland Melodic Metal CD interview
Chinchilla Germany Power Metal CD
Chowder USA Doom Metal CD
Christ Agony Poland Black Metal CD
Christian, James USA AOR CD
Chroma Key USA Ambient Rock CD
Chronic Xorn India MetalCore CD interview
Church Of Void Finland Doom Metal CD
Cinderella USA Hard Rock CD
Circle II Circle USA Power Metal CD interview live
Circle Of Bards Poland Folk Rock CD interview
Circle Of Silence Germany Power Metal CD
Circus Maximus Norway Prog Metal CD live
Circus Of Dead Squirrels USA Industrial Horror Metal CD interview
Citizen Charlie Norway Garage Rock CD interview
Citizen Useless Indonesia Hardporn Drunkcore CD
City Of Fire USA Melodic Modern Metal CD
Civic Monster Germany Heavy Metal CD
Clairvoyants Italy Heavy Metal CD
Clandestine USA Modern Progressive Metal CD
Clark, Paul Great Britain Neo-Classical Metal CD
Claustrofobia Brazil Modern Thrash Metal CD
Clawfinger Sweden Crossover live
forgotten jewel Cloven Hoof Great Britain NWoBHM CD
special tip Cloudscape Sweden Progressive Power Metal CD
Coastland Ride Sweden AOR CD interview
Cocktail Slippers Norway Pop Rock CD
Code Of Silence Great Britain Melodic Metal CD
C Of E Netherlands MetalCore CD interview
Coheed And Cambria USA Emo Prog Rock CD
Cold USA Post Grunge CD
Cold Rush Germany Electro Gothic Metal CD
ColdSpell Sweden Melodic Metal CD interview
Collective Soul USA Rock CD
Coma Poland Alternative Metal CD
Coma Star Switzerland Alternative Metal CD
Commander Germany Death Metal CD
Company Of Snakes Great Britain Hard Rock CD live
Conan's First Date Hungary Sludge Metal CD interview
Concerto Moon Japan Melodic Metal CD
Condition Red Sweden Progressive Metal CD
Coney Hatch Canada Hard Rock CD
Conflicted Canada Prog Power Metal CD
Conorach Netherlands Folk-ish Power Metal CD
Consortium Project II Great Britain Prog Rock CD
Consfearacy USA Power Metal CD
Conspiracy Netherlands Symphonic Black Metal CD
Constancia Sweden Melodic Metal CD interview
Contracrash Germany Alternative Rock CD
Contradiction Germany Thrash Metal CD live
Cooper, D.C. USA Melodic Metal CD interview
Cooper Inc. Netherlands / Germany Hard Rock CD
Coppelius Germany KammerCore CD
Cornerstone Denmark Hard Rock CD interview
Coronatus Germany Dark Metal CD interview live
Corrosion Of Conformity USA US Metal CD
Corruption Poland Stoner Rock CD
Corsario Negro Argentina Heavy Metal CD
Corvus Corax Germany Medieval Metal live
special tip CounterIgnition Serbia Thrashy Power Metal CD
special tip Courageous Germany Thrashy Power Metal CD
Covered Call Sweden Hard Rock CD
Craaft Germany Hard Rock CD
Crack Up Germany Melodic Death Metal CD
Cradle Of Filth Great Britain Extreme Metal CD live
Crashdïet Sweden Sleaze Rock CD live
Crash The System Sweden Hard Rock CD interview
Crazy Lixx Sweden Hard Rock CD interview
Crematory Germany Gothic Metal CD
Crescent Shield USA Power Metal CD interview
Criminal Chile Thrash'n'Death CD live
special tip Crimson Cult Austria Power Metal CD interview
Crimson Glory USA Power Metal CD live
Crimson Tears Finland Gothic Metal CD
CrimsonWind Italy Melodic Power Metal CD
Cripper Germany Thrash'n'Death CD interview live
Crom Germany Viking Metal CD
Cross, Christopher USA Singer / Songwriter CD
Crossfade USA Alternative Metal CD
Crossplane Germany Hard Rock CD
Crown The Lost USA Melodic Thrash Metal CD interview
Cruachan Ireland Extreme Folk Metal CD
Cruadalach Czech Republic Folk Metal CD
Crucified Barbara Sweden Heavy Metal live
Crucifyre Sweden Death Metal CD
Cruxifiction France Black Metal CD
Cryonic Temple Sweden Power Metal CD interview
Cryptex Germany Rock CD
Cryptopsy Canada Extreme Metal CD
Crystal Ball Switzerland Hard Rock CD live
Crystal Eyes Sweden 80's Heavy Metal CD interview
Crystallion Germany Power Metal CD
Crystal Viper Poland Power Metal CD interview
Cult Cinema Great Britain Black Metal CD
Cultes Des Ghoules Poland Black Metal CD
Curse Upon A Prayer Finland Black Metal CD
Custard Germany Power Metal CD live
Cyber Cross Italy Cyber Metal CD
Cyberia Germany Power Metal CD
Cycle Of Pain USA Heavy Metal CD interview
Cypher Seer USA Progressive Power Metal CD


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