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Band Origin Style CD/
Interv.  Live Specials
Lääz Rockit USA Thrash Metal CD
LaBrie, James USA Prog Metal CD live
Labÿrinth Italy Power Metal CD live
Lacrimas Profundere Germany Dark Rock CD live
Lacuna Coil Italy Gothic Metal CD interview live
L.A. Guns USA Sleazy Hard Rock CD
Lahmia Italy Extreme Metal CD
Lake Of Tears Sweden Gothic Metal CD interview live
Lamb Of God USA MetalCore CD
Landau, Michael USA Prog Rock CD
Landon USA Alternative Rock CD
Lane, Lana USA Symphonic Rock CD interview
Laneslide Italy Hard Rock CD
Laney, Chris Sweden Melodic Metal CD interview
Lanfear Germany Progressive Power Metal CD interview live
Lantlôs France Post Black Metal CD
Larsson, Sven Sweden Westcoast Rock CD
Las Cruces USA Doom Metal CD
Last Autumn's Dream Sweden / Germany Melodic Metal CD
Last Tribe Sweden Melodic Prog Metal CD
Lava Engine Sweden Modern Prog Rock CD
Lawton, John Great Britain Hard Rock live
Lazzer Germany Heavy Metal CD
Leatherwolf USA Power Metal CD live
Leaves Eyes Norway / Germany Gothic Metal CD interview live
Led To The Grave USA Death'n'Thrash CD
Leese, Howard USA Bluesy Classic Rock CD interview
Lee's Request Germany Grindcore CD
Lefay Sweden Power Metal CD interview live
Left Hand Solution Sweden Doom Metal CD
Legio Mortis Germany Blackened Dark Death Metal CD interview
Legion USA Death Metal CD
Legion Of The Damned Netherlands Death / Thrash Metal CD
Les Discrets France Eerie Emotional Music CD Interview
Lethal Saint Cyprus NWoBHM CD interview
Lethargy Great Britain Classic Rock studio report
Leviathan USA Prog Power Metal CD
Lewis, Juliette USA Rock CD
forgotten jewel Liege Lord USA Power Metal CD live
Lifelover Sweden Post Black Metal CD
Life Of Agony USA Rock CD
Ligeia Germany Heavy Metal live
Lillian Axe USA Melodic Metal CD interview live
Lima, Johnny USA Hard Rock CD
Limbonic Art Norway Symphonic Black Metal CD
Lionsheart Great Britain Hard Rock CD interview
Lions Share Sweden Power Metal CD interview
Lionville Italy Hard Rock CD
Litrosis Greece Black Metal CD
Little Angels Great Britain Hard Rock live
Little Feat USA Boogie Blues CD
Little River Band Australia Melodic Rock CD
Liverbox Finland Glam Rock CD
Living Sorrow Germany Dark Metal CD
Lizzy Borden USA Power Metal CD interview live
L.MINYGWAL Germany Ambient Noisecore CD
Loaded, Duff McKagan's USA Sleaze Rock CD
Lodgic USA Westcoast AOR CD
Loomis, Jeff USA InstruMetal CD interview
Loonataraxis Germany Crossover CD
Lordi Finland Monster Metal CD
Lord Mantis USA Extreme Metal CD
Lord Weird Slough Fed USA Epic Folk Metal live
Lords Of Black Spain Melodic Power Metal CD
Los Angeles USA AOR CD
Lost Century Germany Thrash Metal CD
Lost Horizon Sweden Warrior Metal CD
Lost In Thought Great Britain Progressive Metal CD
Lost Souls In Desert Germany Modern Rock CD interview
Lou Gamm Band USA Christian Rock CD
Love / Hate USA Hard Rock CD
Love Like Blood Germany Gothic Rock CD
Love.Might.Kill Germany Heavy Metal CD
Loverboy Canada AOR CD
Lowdown Norway Groove Metal CD
Loxodrome Austria Hard Rock CD
Luley Germany AOR CD interview
Lullacry Finland Gothic Rock CD live
Lumendei Venezuela Melodic Metal CD
Lumine Criptica Argentina Gothic Metal CD
Luna Ad Noctum Poland Black Metal CD
Luna Aeterna Russia Gothic Metal CD
Lunae Italy Gothic Rock CD
Lunatica Switzerland Symphonic Melodic Metal CD
Lunatic Soul Poland Dark Music CD
Lunglust USA Modern Hardcore CD
Lustre Sweden Atmospheric Black Metal CD
Lykaion Italy Power Metal CD
Lynchmada Australia MetalCore CD
Lynch Mob USA Melodic Metal CD
Lynne, Jeff Great Britain Pop Rock CD
Lynyrd Skynyrd USA Southern Rock CD
Lyriel Germany Folk Rock CD


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