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Band Origin Style CD/
Interv.  Live Specials
Waite, John Great Britain Hard Rock CD live
Walsh, Steve USA Prog Rock CD
Waltari Finland Crossover CD
Wanderer Ukraine Dark Metal CD
War & Peace USA Rock CD
WarCry Spain Power Metal CD interview live
forgotten jewel Warhead Belgium Thrash Metal CD
Warhead Germany Power Metal CD interview live
Warlock Germany Heavy Metal CD live
Warlord USA Power Metal CD live
Warlord U.K. Great Britain Death Metal CD
Warmen Finland Neo-Classical Metal CD interview
Warmrain Great Britain 70's Rock CD
Warpath Germany Thrash Metal live
Warrant USA Hard Rock CD
Warseid USA Black Metal CD
W.A.S.P. USA Heavy Metal CD interview live
Watain Sweden Black Metal live
Watchtower USA Technical Power Metal live
Weapon Canada Blackened Death Metal CD
We Are The Damned Portugal Death'n'Roll CD interview
We're Not Friends Anymore USA Screamo CD
Weers, Oliver Denamrk Hard Rock CD interview
Weinhold, Jutta Germany Heavy Rock / Heavy Metal CD
Weregoat USA Black Metal CD
special tip West, John USA Hard Rock CD
W.E.T. Sweden Hard Rock CD
Wetton, John Great Britain Rock CD
Wetton / Downes' Icon Great Britain Art Rock CD
Weyland Germany Melodic Death Metal CD
Wharenaldo Chile Hard Rock CD
Where Victims Lie Finland Death'n'Thrash CD
While Heaven Wept USA Universal Metal CD
Whispering Woods Romania Gothic Metal CD
Whitechapel Great Britain Death Metal CD
White Lion USA Hard Rock live
White Skull Italy Epic Metal CD interview
Whitesnake Great Britain Hard Rock CD live
White Widdow Australia AOR CD
White Wizzard USA Heavy Metal CD
special tip White Wolf Canada Hard Rock CD
Whyte Ash Sweden Heavy Metal CD
Whyzdom France Gothic Metal CD
Wicked Maraya USA Power Metal live
Wicked Mystic Netherlands Power Metal interview live
Widow USA US Metal CD interview
Wigelius Sweden Melodic Rock CD
Wig Wam Norway Glam Metal CD
Wilde Starr USA Power Metal CD
Wild Rose Greece AOR CD
Willie Tanner Germany Alternative Metal CD interview
Windir Norway Viking Metal CD
Wind Rose Italy Prog Metal CD
Winger USA Melodic Metal CD interview live
Winterborn Finland Melodic Heavy Metal live
Winterfylleth Great Britain Black Metal CD
Winter's Bane USA Heavy Metal CD
Wintersun Finland Symphonic Death Metal CD
Winter's Verge Cyprus Power Metal CD interview
special tip Wisdom Hungary Power Metal CD
Wisdom Call Sweden Power Metal CD
Wishbone Ash Great Britain Rock CD
Witchcross Denmark Heavy Metal CD
Withering Surface Denmark Death Metal CD
Within Temptation Netherlands Symphonic Metal CD
Without Face Hungary Progressive Metal CD
Wizard Germany Epic Power Metal CD
Wolf Sweden True Metal CD
Wolfchant Germany Pagan Power Metal CD
Wolfe USA Blues Rock CD
Wolfen Germany Power Metal CD interview
Wolfpakk Germany / Switzerland Melodic Metal CD interview
Wolfshade France Depressive Black Metal CD
WolfSpring France Prog Rock CD
Woods Of Ypres Canada Black Metal CD
Words Of Farewell Germany Progressive Death Metal CD
World Demise USA Hardcore CD
World Of Silence USA Prog Rock CD
Work Of Art Sweden AOR CD
Worrall Canada AOR CD
Wulfgar Sweden Viking Metal CD
Wulfshon Argentina Viking / Black Metal CD
Wykked Wytch USA Extreme Metal CD
Wylde, Zakk USA Metal CD live
Wyvern Sweden True Metal CD


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