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Band Origin Style CD/
Interv.  Live Specials
Obituary USA Death Metal live
Obliveon Canada Technical Death Metal CD
Oblivion Germany Heavy Metal CD
Obscura Germany Technical Death Metal CD
Obscurity Germany Viking Metal CD
Obsidian Netherlands Progressive Death Metal CD
Obsidian Tongue USA Black Metal CD interview
Obtest Lithuania Pagan Heavy Metal CD
Occult Netherlands Death Metal CD
Oceans Of Sadnesss Belgium Metal Madness live
Octavia Sperati Norway Doom / Gothic Metal CD
Octimonos Sweden Black Metal CD
October Falls Sweden Black Metal CD
October File Great Britain Metal CD interview
October Tide Sweden Death Doom Metal CD
OffTopic Spain Heavy Metal CD interview
Olc Sinnsir France Black Metal CD
Old Man's Child Norway Black Metal CD
Jon Oliva's Pain USA Power Metal CD interview live event
Omega Code Brazil ExperiMetal CD
forgotten jewel Omen USA US Metal CD interview live
One Bar Town Germany Rock CD
One Man Army & The Undead Quartet Sweden Death'n'Thrash CD interview
One Morning Left Finland Post Screamo CD interview
On-Off Italy Pub Rock CD
Onslaught Great Britain Thrash Metal CD interview live
On The Rise Norway AOR CD
special tip Onward USA Power Metal CD
Oomph! Germany Electro Gothic Metal CD
Open Fire Italy Deathcore CD
Opera Diabolicus Sweden Dark Symphonic Metal CD interview
Operadyse France Symphonic Metal CD
Opeth Sweden 70's Prog Rock CD live
Opium Warlords Finland Avant garde Metal CD
Opus Atlantica Sweden Prog Metal CD
Orange Goblin Great Britain NWoBHM CD live
Oratory Portugal Symphonic Power Metal CD
Orcultus Sweden Black Metal CD
Orden Ogan Germany Power Metal CD live
Ordinul Negru Romania Black Metal CD
Ordo Obsidium USA Black Metal CD
special tip Orford, Martin Great Britain Art Rock CD
Oriz Sweden Hard Rock CD
Orphanage Netherlands Gothic Metal CD
Orphaned Land Israel Dark Folk Metal CD live
Osbounre, Ozzy Great Britain Heavy Metal live
Other View Italy Heavy Metal CD
Otila Hungary Gothic Metal CD
Ouijabeard Sweden Heavy Metal CD
Ousey, Chris USA Hard Rock CD
Outloud Greece / USA 80's Heavy Metal CD interview
Overdrive Sweden 80's Heavy Metal CD interview
Overkill USA Thrash Metal CD interview live
OverMaster Italy Melodic Power Metal CD interview
Ov Hell Norway Black Metal CD
special tip Owens, Tim 'Ripper' USA Metal CD live
Oz Finland Heavy Metal CD
Ozric Tentacles Great Britain Psychedelic Rock live


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