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Band Origin Style CD/
Interv.  Live Specials
101 South USA AOR CD
10 Fold B-Low Germany Death'n'Thrash live
Thirt3en Iceland Gothic Doom CD
13th Street different nations Metal CD
1349 Norway Black Metal CD
13 Veces Argentina Alternative Metal CD
2nd Suicide Finland Melodic Death Metal CD
2 Ton Predator Sweden Groove Metal CD interview
2 Wolves Finland Dark Metal CD
3 Days Grace Canada Alternative Rock / Metal CD interview
3 Doors Down USA Alternative Rock CD
3HM USA InstruMetal CD
3 Inches Of Blood Canada Metal CD
3rd & The Mortal Norway Doom Metal CD
5.15. (Five Fifteen) Finland Classic Rock CD interview live
Six Feet Under USA Death Metal CD live
6th Awakening Sweden Power Metal CD
77 Spain Hard Rock CD
7Days Sweden Progressive Power Metal CD
7 Days Awake Germany Indie Rock CD
7 Signs Netherlands Power Metal CD
VII Sins Germany Power Metal live
Seventh Avenue Germany Power Metal CD
Seventh Calling USA US Metal CD
Seventh Gate Germany Power Metal CD
special tip Seventh Key USA AOR CD
Seven Witches USA Power Metal CD interview live


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